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Peter King Looking for Student Chauffeur in New Orleans

Just saw this come across my Twitter feed a few minutes ago and thought I would share it with all of you out there in case someone was interested in applying.

Apparently, Peter King is looking for a journalism college student in the New Orleans area to drive him around the city for a day. Here is his official offer:

Is there a journalism student in New Orleans who is free Friday, has a car, and wants to make $100 for a pretty easy job?

If there is such a student in New Orleans, send info to and I'll be in touch.

I would apply for the position myself if I was going to be in town that day and had enough hair to pass for someone ten years younger than I actually am. There are no more details about the job and this entire offer is a bit cryptic so apply at your own risk. Actual knowledge of the city is apparently not required, so feel free to drive Peter around and get lost.

And for a good laugh, check out some of the Twitter responses to King.