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What's More Likely: Air Ball Edition

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Welcome to the second edition of What's More Likely. Today's installment will focus on the passing game, and two players expected to sit atop their respective positional standings.

Drew Brees keeps the show alive in New Orleans, with his most recent performance setting a new standard for quarterbacks across the league, throwing for over 5400 yards last season. Meanwhile, according to Vic Ketchman of, Aaron Rodgers will throw 6,000 yards this season.

Yes readers, you read that right. Mr. Ketchman thinks that Rodgers can throw for 375 yards a game, for 16 straight games. In other news, Ryan Grant with also rush for 3,200 yards this season, and Charles Woodson will take 8 of his 16 interceptions back to the house.

All kidding aside, I want to hear everyone's opinion. So, Who Dat Nation, today's question is simple: who is more likely to break 6,000 yards this upcoming season ? Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers?