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What is More Likely: Mark Ingram vs. Malcolm Jenkins edition

I'd like to see more of this. How about you?
I'd like to see more of this. How about you?

Welcome to Day 3 of our What is More Likely series. Yesterday's vote wasn't even close, as the populace of CSC decided Drew Brees was more likely to break (or at least come closer to) 6000 yards than Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers. User Nabb1 put it best with his comment:

I'm going with Brees

With the defense being overhauled and adopting a new system, I think there will be a learning curve and the

Saints will have to score a lot of points. Not that they haven’t always tried, but I see a lot of shoot-outs this year.

I’m not sure what effect not having Payton around may have. I think Drew will have a chip on his shoulder and I

think he will want to prove himself worthy of the contract he just signed.

Hopefully today's poll is a bit closer. Make the jump for today's question!

We'll be looking at two guys who were underwhelming last year, although for different reasons- Mark Ingram and Malcolm Jenkins. Our question today is: What is More Likely: Mark Ingram scores at least 12 touchdowns or Malcolm Jenkins snags at least 8 interceptions?

Mark Ingram- The much heralded second year back out of Bama, Ingram will have to work hard to get snaps with the Saints. Luckily for him, with Chris Ivory out for now with another pulled hammy, Ingram figures to get most of the goal line touches as the bruising back of the bunch. If he continues his progression from last year, and manages to fight off the injury bug, he'll show us why he was worth giving up our first this year.

Malcolm Jenkins- Going into his fourth year, Jenkins has shown flashes of brilliance, but for the most part has been a slight disappointment for a first round pick. Steve Spagnuolo will be Jenkins second defensive coordinator since being drafted, and the system being brought in will be much for beneficial for Jenkins that former coordinator Gregg Williams'was. With more pressure from the front four, and more help on the back end, Jenkins can play more of a centerfield style of safety, similar to how Darren Sharper played in 2009. Will this finally be the year Jenkins proves his first round status?

So Who Dat Nation, what is more likely? Let's have some good, solid discussion on this one guys and gals.