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Fleur-de-Links: July 26, 2012



Judge said biggest concern she has going into closing arguments is Vilma's failure to exhaust remedies.

Judge Berrigan: "If that's true, I have no choice but to dismiss your motion. ... So please address that."

NFL: Is it true that if Vilma's suspension is lifted, another player will lose their job? Vitt: Yes. NFL: That is all.

To be clear, that was the end, not the extent, of the NF'Ls cross examination. Judge is asking Vitt questions about what he knew now

Vitt responding to Q about whether bounty program existed. "I want you to listen to me hard because i'm going to speak to you soft. No."

Judge now turns to NFL: "I have serious jurisdictional concerns about what Mr. Goodell did."

The rain has changed things a little bit, but don't worry there will be plenty more open practices for the who dat nation to watch.

"You may not see the whole staircase, but you must take the first step" MLK About to go take First Step!

Peter Ginsberg, Vilma's attorney, said "Mr. Goodell pretended to listen" to Saints coaches. He said they knew there was nothing to be done.

About an hour til the first practice of the 2012 season! Most important thing is to improve everyday as individuals and as a team.

It’s about that time. Practice starts at 4 pm…Airline Dr. Let’s get it

When asked where he went to school, Harper made sure to point out that his university, Alabama, has won 14 national championships

We are interviewing today, reply with questions you would want to ask him!

Vitt: "How are you going to tell another player to hurt or maim another player and have that on your conscience?"

Thanks Unc! RT": Tank, make it a great camp! Glad Drew is in the fold! Go get em..Unc"

Rita Benson LeBlanc and Nick Keller of Beyond Sport carrying the torch in London

Today’s practice is 4-6:45 pm. Full schedule:

Good morning twit world ... Time to get better in whatever we do.. Never stay the same and take nothing for granted

"You don't plant seeds when you want shade" Finally today we get to begin planting seeds of

Another blessed day another opportunity to get better!!! Time for a real practice y'all!!!!



New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma takes stand in restraining order hearing - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Vilma explains "kill the head" and "cart-off" hits

Troy Evans testifies on behalf of Jonathan Vilma - Video |
Troy Evans talks about testifying on behalf of Jonathan Vilma as the New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma seeks a temporary restraining order to allow him to continue to work while his lawsuit against Roger Goodell is pending.

Vilma hopes to return to field by seeking restraining order against NFL | New Orleans
Vilma's attorneys are expected to introduce 10 exhibits and call eight witnesses, including Vilma, Saints interim Head Coach Joe Vitt and several Saints players, including Roman Harper and Sedrick Ellis.

Vilma plans to call eight witnesses at hearing | ProFootballTalk
Also not on the list but submitting an affidavit is Pierson Prioleau, who played with the Saints from 2009 through 2011 and with three other teams coached by former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Prioleau explains that Williams’ pre-game rantings "were exactly the same for every team." Prioleau says the players regarded the tough talk as a motivational speech, and that the players "were always reminded to never hurt the team with illegal or selfish play."



Saints Nation: What Will Be the Starting Unit at Linebacker for the Saints in 2012? | July

Kicking It - New Orleans Saints Style
A look at the kickers for the New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees continues down the golden brick road
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees continues down the golden brick road.

Daily Special, July 26, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
If the Saints make Super Bowl XLVII, it will be the most-watched broadcast in human history. And the chance to show up Goodell in front of the entire planet is just too good to miss out on. I expect there’s not a player on the team who wouldn’t pawn his own skin for the chance.

Saints Questions: Can the New Orleans Saints overcome this offseason? | New Orleans
No. 1: Undoubtedly the worst offseason in NFL history for any team. That’s what the New Orleans Saints will deal with as they begin practice today ahead of the 2012 regular season.

New Orleans Saints will repeat as NFC South champions in 2012 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
A breakdown of offseason moves and 2012 predictions for the NFC South

Drew Brees to take the uncertainty out of Saints' upcoming season - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Quarterback has to try not to do too much

New Orleans Saints players' early tendencies might give some insight - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Who QB Drew Brees throws to may be an indicator

Things to watch at Saints' camp - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
I’ll be out there gathering information for my Camp Confidential profile on the Saints, which is scheduled to run Monday, as well as stuff for our season preview that will be running late in the preseason. I’ll also be providing some live updates after practice and interviews.

The NFL conditioning test requires some physical studying
Usually the after most NFL teams check in for training camp, the day after is usually reserved for a conditioning test. While we think of push-ups,

New Orleans Saints do have a couple of positions up for grabs - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Several battles will be settled as training camp gets underway at Saints facilities in Metairie



The Greatest Moments in Saints History- No.10
10. Tom Dempsey’s Record-Breaking Kick

Predictions for the New Orleans Saints upcoming season
Predictions for the New Orleans Saints upcoming season.

Saints will unveil "Rebirth" statue on Friday | ProFootballTalk
At a time when so much talk has been devoted to a statue that has gone down, it's nice to talk about one that has gone up. On Friday, the Saints privately will unveil their "Rebirth" statue, which captures the moment from September 2006 at which the Saints and New Orleans unofficially returned fr...