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Fleur-de-Links: July 5th, 2012



Joseph Morgan - Sun is up now. Big day ahead

Thomas Morstead- #Saints fans, 1 month from today we will be kicking off the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. Cant wait!!! #WHODAT

Malcolm Jenkins- Had a day off, now its back to the grind! The season is right around the corner can u smell it? And we are STARVING... Lets eat!! WHO DAT

Malcolm Jenkins- Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.(Hebrews 10:23) thank u Jesus! Get to know him

Johnny Patrick- Good morning... Louisville it's been fun... Back to the grind ✌

Curtis Lofton- I feel like holidays should always fall on the weekends, so no one has to go to work the next day:) Hope everyone has a great day today!

JUNIOR GALETTE- Blessed 2 C Another 1 About 2 Go Work On Dat 1St Step #WhoDat#CarpeDiem

MikeMcKenzie34ways- Good morning beautiful people ...... May god bless you today !!!!!

cameron jordan- At 25k followers I'm Givin away this beauty

Lance Moore- Good morning world. The work continues today. Getting better is the only option. Be great today everybody!

cameron jordan- mum is crackin herself up this mornin lol like the hyenas from lion king#mommasboy and people ask me why I'm always so happy... Her fault

Kadarron Anderson - Had a dream I got cut last night for taking to long to get dressed. Woke up with tears in my eyes

Johnny Patrick- Gone....✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈

Andrew Tiller- I'm tryna hit three beach up before I leave! Whos wit it?

Chase Daniel- Good morning world! 64 & cloudy out here n San Diego. Im going 2 throw abt 40-50 balls today. First time since I injured thumb! Update later

David Thomas- Can't believe my sweet Karis is 1 today! Pretty awesome we get to share a birthday. Love her so much!

Jonathan Vilma- and we're off...

Nick Toon@Nick2oon- Who gettin better today?! You never stay the same. You either gettin better or gettin worse! #work

Joseph Morgan - Good morning world and all who inhabit it #spongebob

Pierre Thomas- Layover in Miami on my way to Dominican Republic for my boy@usama_young28 wedding...its a celebration!!!

Pierre Thomas- Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July!!

Johnny Patrick- At 20k followers I'm going to follow the last 5 people and give them a s/o and also the 20k follower I will mail u a signed pic.. @Saints

Brian de la Puente- Can't wait to watch @BrianCThornton and the @USA_Volleyball team kick butt in london! Congrats! #cantwait

Justin Drescher- Played football with some youngsters in Holyoke, CO today! Always good to play with the kids. Seem to show you why football is so fun!!

Chase Daniel- Great throwing session w @DrewBrees C. Palmer, Boller, Canfield,@DarrenSproles today! @TerrellOwens even joined n on fun! Thumb is good!

Jermon Bushrod- I lost my phone and I'm not happy about it... I'm very angry right now If I had the emoji app I would put like 100 of them angry faces lol

Isa Abdul-Quddus- "when it's all over, all that counts is how the story's told" -nipsey hussle

Jedidiah Collins- Enjoyed getting work in w/ @ChaseDaniel @DarrenSproles@drewbrees this morning. Those guys have fun getting better!#Working

Jerico Nelson- If your broke!!! It's cause your lazy..

Jermon Bushrod- I might have a lead on where my phone is... I'm gonna go check things out... #lawANDorderflow

JUNIOR GALETTE- The Bigger The Bill The Harder U Ball Work Hard Play Hard #NuLa

Jermon Bushrod - Found my phone Case closed Investigation skills beast mode Time to get a sweat IN

Nick Toon - #work

Isa Abdul-Quddus - "when you love 3 women it's hard keepin up with lies, see Spring's my 1st love, I started creepin wit July"

cameron jordan - I'm in need of a re-up of my cut @regdareal this yo fault bro... I'm out n az hopefully this barber got my back

Zach Strief - Excited to be back in Nashville for a few days

Courtney Roby - 105 degree heat in Indianapolis jus ain't right..

Drew Brees - Hiring 4 Jimmy Johns stores on Vets & new spot in Elmwood. Looking for delivery drivers and Inshop. Apps at 4301 Veterans Blvd in Metairie

Jermon Bushrod - Ooooo ok so George Zimmermans lawyer is asking for donations to get Zimmerman released from jail.. If he raises enough money I'll be upset..

Jermon Bushrod - #LT Theres to many GOOD things those funds can go to. Alot of families and charity organizations in need n they asking 4 bail donations FOH

Joseph Morgan - Today has been eventful to say it nicely

Leigh Torrence Jr - Guess I might as well hit Essence since this Passport situation didnt work out! Hate to miss my boy @usama_young28 wedding though.

deuce mcallister- Seems as if I have the best Council meetings. Gotta love it

Jermon Bushrod- guess my workout invitation must have got lost "@DarrenSproles: @JedCollins45 @chasedaniel @drewbrees Good to see u out there"

Jedidiah Collins- @j_bushrod7475 it wasn't lost @DarrenSproles had strict requirements to pull the invite & sorry to say u just barely missed the cut #haha

Darren Sproles - @j_bushrod7475 Hahaha u can't come and be thug'n. U know how u do!

Jermon Bushrod- @JedCollins45 @darrensproles that's ok tho... Y'all are shirt bottom violators anyway... And I don't get down like that lol

Bountygate Legal Crap

Vilma will argue Goodell’s public comments went beyond CBA - ProFootballTalk - So with Commissioner Roger Goodell defending himself against Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma's defamation lawsuit by claiming that the Collective Bargaining Agreement blocks the allegations, what will Vilma do to get around what appears to be a strong argument rooted in basic principles of labor law?

For Vilma, time is of the essence in seeking injunction - ProFootballTalk - Each of the four players suspended in connection with the bounty case need a so-called preliminary injunction in order to delay their suspensions once the regular season begins.

Goodell files motion to dismiss Vilma’s defamation suit - ProFootballTalk - To no surprise, Commissioner Roger Goodell has responded to the defamation lawsuit filed against him by Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma with a request that the case be kicked out of court.

NFL calls new bounty lawsuit "improper" - ProFootballTalk - Well, at least the league's positions on the latest bounty lawsuits are consistent.

New lawsuit filed attacking bounty suspensions - ProFootballTalk - "Phase Two" is now rolling.

Players union sues NFL in bounty case - The Sun Herald - The NFL Players Association, seeking a new arbitrator in the bounty case, says in a lawsuit that the league conducted a "biased" investigation and a "sham" arbitration process for three players suspended in connection with the New Orleans Saints' pay-for-play program.

NFLPA sues, calls Goodell ‘biased’ in bounty case - The Advocate - The NFL Players Association filed a lawsuit against the NFL on behalf of three players suspended in connection with the bounty investigation, calling Commissioner Roger Goodell "incurably and evidently biased.

NFLPA files suit; Goodell asks for dismissal - - The NFL Players Association has filed a lawsuit on behalf of three players suspended by the NFL for their roles in an alleged bounty scandal, saying commissioner Roger Goodell was not an impartial arbitrator in ruling on the investigation.

Roger Goodell files for dismissal of Jonathan Vilma's lawsuit - - Jonathan Vilma asks for a temporary restraining order against his suspension in an amended complaint

NFLPA spokesman George Atallah speaks out against NFL's appeals process - - Atallah said he doesn't think the NFL followed CBA in Commissioner Roger Goodell's appeals ruling

Roger Goodell files motion to dismiss Jonathan Vilma's lawsuit - - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has filed a motion to dismiss suspended New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma's defamation lawsuit against him in U.S. District Court in Louisiana.

Not Bountygate Legal Crap

An Interview With Drew Brees - Who Dat Social Club

Fan Fuel: Why have the Saints not signed Brees? - - Fan Fuel's Geoff Lowe wonders how the New Orleans Saints have yet to sign Drew Brees to a contract extension.

Can David Thomas Come Back to Have Impactful Season? - Saints Nation

Line of Scrimmage: No winners emerging in Brees-Saints standoff - The Sun Herald - The question isn't if Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints will ever come to an agreement on a long-term contract -- the benefits to each side are so favorable that anything other than doing so makes absolutely no sense.

Saints Questions: Can Ben Grubbs replace Carl Nicks? - - No. 19: For four seasons, we saw Carl Nicks grow from mid-round reach to first-team gem. He earned Pro Bowl berths in both 2010 and 2011 and was an All-Pro those same seasons.

New Orleans Saints top 25 countdown: Zach Strief, No. 21 - - Veteran tackle a strong performer on the right side

New Orleans Saints linebackers Curtis Lofton, David Hawthorne included in NFL tackling efficiency rankings - - To whet your appetite, I thought an analysis by would be of interest. PFF analysts broke down the tackling efficiency of every linebacker in the league over the past three years.