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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, July 8



Held OverWould love to hear @IanDarkeESPN call a Wimbledon final one day.

Held Over"@MySecondEmpire: If I wore Federer's sweet white sweater, I'd look like Mr. Met." you have curved stitching on your head?

Zach Strief"@TBONEBEATS: @ZachStrief your interview inspired this song "US AGAINST THE WORLD" #whodat #Saints #nola" good stuff!!

Johnny PatrickHad a great time in new Orleans this weekend.... Most fun I had in a long time maybe since college...

Johnny PatrickYou live once not twice, ain't no room to slip up, Have fun embrace every opportunity you get in life,Man I'm ready for the season. @Saints

Johnny Patrick"@PaulaAbdul: yes, i'm performing tonight at the White Nights Festival. :) xoP" where is that

Johnny Patrick"@seauxprettiE: s/o @JohnnyPatrick32 saw that guy last, on a serious chill flow ~ very cool guy!"

Johnny PatrickGoing off no sleep lol..

Johnny PatrickSaw @KevinHart4real yesterday in new Orleans.... Wanted to get a pic with him, but I was on the move...

Johnny PatrickMe and my boy really walked every where last night... Legs tired now..

Rachel StephensLookin for some #Saints gear and found this @DarrenSproles I like this theme for the season #GotSproles

Jedidiah Collins "2many people spend money they haven't earned, 2 buy things they don't want, 2 impress people they don't like" Will Smith #SadTruth

Isa Abdul-QuddusThey finally made that Bentley truck @2chainz lol

Canal St. ChroniclesNo you don't. RT @drewbrees I play Yahoo fantasy football.

Malcolm Beyah"@CSCtweet: People actually watch that? RT @mj_beyah Good morning started off right with Joel olsteen" me an moms

ProFootballTalkMy typical electric football experience: Five minutes to set up a play, followed by 15 seconds of disappointment. But I still loved it.

Canal St. Chronicles@ProFootballTalk My wife says similar things about sex with me.

Canal St. ChroniclesHow many phones you need? RT @Mark_Ingram28 Lost 1 of my phone last night... Don't get mad if ya text me n no response lol

Nick ToonAwkward.... Lol

Todd RichardsonIts crazy when you drive thru flint and all you see every 5 miles are @Mark_Ingram28 billboards and what not

JUNIOR GALETTERT @AriesTerms: Failure is never a problem because an #Aries doesn't know the word.

Larry HolderTalking #Saints and #Hornets on @wwltvsports' Fourth Down on Four tonight at 10:35 p.m. Tune in.

Chris ChamberlainCarter and I on Table Rock Lake. We had a great time!

Jonathan Vilma"@Live_From_94: @JonVilma51"I appreciate it but don't know if it'll work

Wendell PierceUncle Lionel Batiste, Treme Brass Band bass drummer, dies. He possessed the musicianship and character of NewOrleans


Offseason Countdowns

True Countdown Time Arrives For Drew Brees Contract Drama |
Brian Allee-Walsh - After what seems like years of empty negotiations, the multi-million dollar question is this: Who will blink first? Team Brees or Team Saints?

New Orleans Saints top 25 countdown: Thomas Morstead, No. 18 |
Four-year veteran has become a weapon for Saints. LEGATRON!!!



Goodell rejects argument that players were simply following orders | ProFootballTalk
MF - Lost at times in the analysis of the Saints alleged bounty program is the rigid, almost military hierarchy that brings structure to the inherent chaos of football. Coaches give orders, and players follow orders.



Replay Booth Video Available to Attending Fans this Season |
Andrew Juge (HansDat note: now let's offer the viewers at home the same video access, and also access to the ref and replay guy's audio feeds - that would be revolutionary!)

Purple Jesus Arrested For Either Resisting Off-Duty Officer Or Trying To Get Water | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Christmas Ape - Depending on who you believe before the video hits the Internet, he was either getting shove-y with an officer trying to clear out the club or Purple Jesus wanted to get some water, which a power tripping cop didn’t take too kindly to.

Adrian Peterson says "truth will surface" | ProFootballTalk
MF - Arrested for resisting arrest and accused of pushing an off-duty police officer, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has addressed the situation on Twitter.

Bill Simmons Releases 2,000-Page Book Exploring How F****** Clever He Is | The Onion
BOSTON - Grantland and ESPN sports columnist Bill Simmons has written a new book titled Wit, Brilliance, Insight, Simmons, a semiautobiographical amalgam of sports, pop culture, and American history as seen through the unique lens of how g**d*** ingenious Simmons is. (HansDat note: This one's a bit old, but I don't remember seeing it here, and there's a bit of hate for Bill Simmons here, so why not?)

Norman Sas, inventor of Electric Football, dies at 87 | ProFootballTalk
Michael David Smith - The generation that grew up on video games may find this hard to believe, but there was once a time when football fans could entertain themselves for hours by playing a low-tech game featuring inch-tall plastic players moving around chaotically on a vibrating metal football field.

Hakim Drops the Ball!: Favorite Pearl Jam lyrics
Kevin Held - Instead of listing my favorite bands or albums, I thought I'd up the degree of difficulty for myself and get really specific: favorite Pearl Jam lyrics.