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Drew Brees Signing: Prediction Contest

The 2012 NFL season is so close I can almost taste it, but we've still got some time to kill before actual games are played, preseason or otherwise. It's been so long since we've had one of our usual Friday afternoon prediction contests, though, that I just couldn't wait any longer. Inspired by Ralph on our most recent podcast, I've decided to fire up our weekly tradition a little early for a special edition contest.

But things are going to be tweaked slightly. Instead of making your own three random predictions about a game, you're going to make two specific predictions about the Drew Brees contract situation. Here are the topics you are making predictions about:

  1. When exactly will Drew Brees sign a contract/franchise tag?
  2. Who will break the news to the public? Will it be Drew himself via Twitter or some member of the media?

The rest of the rules will apply. Remember to pay particular attention to any wording you use. You can be as specific or general as you want, but remember that the more specific predictions always win the vote. Feel free to get creative and don't forget to use your brain.

By the way, we need a banner graphic for our regular Friday game prediction contest. Anyone who would like to submit a potential banner design can email it to me at

Take it away...