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Fleur-de-Links: July 9, 2012



You think you're winning, my friend, but you're losing. Humble yourself and fix it before it's too late.

We got better today while stayed the same!! Lol RT: : Goodmorning World!! Let's go get it today!

Oh boy, will be answering questions about that tweet very soon

Why do people make fake twitter accounts of real people??? Are they that lonely???

Headed bak to the States, had a great time in Dominican Republic. Have to come bak again!

And congrats to Mr and Mrs

Great workout today

Yeah, we still love you. And the BBQ sauce is off the chain RT haha thanks for that

Workout was a monster but no one said this journey would be easy!

One more caveat: basically anyone who leaves Nola for Atlanta is scum. Caveat to caveat: . I forgive him.

One exception: Bobby Hebert. Asshole made it personal. Chose Falcons for a reason. Did stupid flapping thing on sidelines. He's dead to me.

Happy birthday to Sedrick Ellis () - the DT turns 27 today!

Goodmorning World!! Let's go get it today!

Good morning world!!! Let's make this week a great one.

Just finished a great workout

Imagine what the world would be like if we all chased God like we chase money!! (Proverbs 2:4-6 ESV)

"What you put into something is what you get out!" Time to go dominate this workout so I can dominate next season!



Players can take on weakened Goodell - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN the case of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, this one is kind of a self-important jerk with way too much power that he wields like a South American dictator.

New Orleans Saints Bounty Litigation: Explained! - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
As expected, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell denied the appeals of the Bounty Four, setting off a string of lawsuits that shifts the scene from the NFL

SaintsWin: Analysis & Opinion: An Offseason for the Ages (A Timeline)
What follows is a timeline of notable events in this strange, strange offseason that somehow, someway feels almost appropriately New Orleans.

NFLPA lawyers commit false start in bounty litigation | ProFootballTalk
And while the problem easily can be fixed, the deeper issue is whether the lawyers will miss details that could, eventually, create a bigger problem. Also, making an unfavorable first impression on court personnel can have a lasting impact as the litigation unfolds.

NFLPA Mishandling Of Saints Suspended Players Case Shows Lack Of Focus - Who Dat Dish - A New Orleans Saints Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
For all practical purposes the efforts of the NFL Players Union to protect the interests of the NFL players has been a comedy of errors, if not a disma

Proof that "kill the head" has been in use with the NFL before Gregg Williams' speech
Proof that "kill the head" has been in use with the NFL before Gregg Williams' speech is seen on NFL Network series, "Hey Rookie".

Show us the evidence of Saints bounties: Letter to the editor |
If the NFL evidence is as good as they say it is, why don't they just show the NFL Players Association, players and fans, and we'll just shut up.



Drew Brees' deal with New Orleans Saints should be done within a week - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Only an absurd amount of stubbornness could get in the way now.

Brees No. 2 on Jaws' QB Countdown - NFC South Blog - ESPN
"No quarterback is as consistently precise with his throws as Brees,’’ Jaworski said. "Throughout his Saints career, Brees has thrown the seam routes as well as any quarterback in the NFL. In fact, those vertical seams have been a foundation of the Saints’ passing game, especially effective in scoring territory.

Crunch time for Drew Brees, Saints - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Brees could sign the franchise tag and play for more than $16 million, but he wants a long-term deal. If the Saints franchise Brees again, his franchise number for next season increases 144 percent and the team doesn’t want that.



2012-training-camps.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Lists start dates and locations for all 32 teams

Key pieces to Saints' puzzle |
Training camp is right around the corner for the New Orleans Saints.

Daily Special, July 9, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club

Greer Campaign launches fatherhood program after success of Run Jackson - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
The Greer Campaign's third fatherhood program will begin Monday, July 9, in an effort to accomplish its mission of providing education to fathers to assist them in their rights and responsibility to their children.

NFC South top 25: No. 10 - NFC South Blog - ESPN
We continue our series of my projected top 25 players in the NFC South for the 2012 season with No. 10: Jabari Greer, cornerback, New Orleans

After peaking in 2007, NFL attendance steadily has declined | ProFootballTalk
Repeated shrinkage over the last half decade underscores the challenge the NFL is facing. At a time when everything else regarding the sport is growing, the league has seen its paying customers steadily drop by more than 4.5 percent since 2007.

Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson may have derailed his comeback for this season
Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson may have derailed his comeback for this season.

Saints Nation's Interview of Saints' CB Johnny Patrick | July

New Orleans Saints top 25 countdown: David Hawthorne, No. 17 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Hawthorne was the Saints' most underrated addition this offseason. Although he didn't arrive with as much buzz as fellow free agent linebacker Curtis Lofton, Hawthorne has been just as productive over the past three seasons with the Seattle Seahawks.