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Fleur-de-Links: August 1, 2012



Today was a challenge, it was hot but we pushed threw it...

I got a simple math problem for everyone. Practice + Heat(Am/Pm)= . We getting better though fellas & I like it

Sometimes after a hard practice I jus wanna cupcake for the rest of the day lol problems

Saints asst. HC Joe Vitt on this year's HOF inductee Willie Roaf: "He's potentially the greatest offensive tackle to ever play our game."

Reilly: Should kids train agressively for sports? Well said... ALL sports are for FUN when you are 8.

How's everybody doin today? Just finished up the morning. Bout to head to afternoon meetings soon!

": Ya given your hair to locks of love?" Nope, all hair donations will go to

": Interviewed today. Cool dude. Thanks bro!!!"Appreciate it. No problem.

I don't like taking a nap between practices. I always feel like I'll sleep through my alarm and end up late for a meeting.

. at practice today

I'm hungry as 2 fat hostages

": Oh no, did you cut your hair " NO!!! I didn't cut my hair, but will after the season .com

Chillin wit baby boy during off time... Rotolos salad for lunch .. Baby boy swaggin them socks too

Ive had 4 d coordinators in the past 4 yrs!! RT : is it hard having 2 different d coor in 2 years

gives me his thoughts on comments made by his formerr teammates Brees and Shockey ripping R.Goodell

Brees "everything has put on film has been impressive." Says they compete any chance they get

Graham joked that during TE meetings, Brees will sometimes send another QB in the room to tell him what he should have done on a route

"The mind always fails first not the body. Secret is to make your mind work for U, not against U" Arnold This is tested in 110 degree heat!

Hall of Fame RB & NOLA native is at practice today

Cool sign for !

. GM Mickey Loomis is live with & live at training camp!

Brees to Colston!

We are interviewing for Behind the Facemask today. Reply with your questions for Cam!

The O-line at this morning's practice

Good Morning World!!!!! Blessed to see another day, let's show gratitude by making our today better than our yesterday..

": I playing your position and I got ur number. "thanks my man

Fans down here are simpley amazing! Met a family that drove from Florida to sit in rain & heat just 2 watch respect



New Orleans Saints CBs Jabari Greer, Patrick Robinson miss Wednesday's practice - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Ben Grubbs, Mark Ingram fight through injuries

New Orleans Saints' play of the day: CB Johnny Patrick with another interception off Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Johnny Patrick has multiple interceptions off Drew Brees this training camp

New Orleans Saints ready to go visit Hall of Fame - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
The Saints have guys going into the Hall this time around

Early Observations of Saints Training Camp Centered on Defense's Talent Level
The Saints defense is undergoing a rapid transformation. Gone are the bravado and blitzes of Gregg Williams. In its place, the zone dog 4-3 defense of new coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. The secondary now plays a lot of zone coverages, which is a good thing because they are thin at cornerback and at safety.

New Orleans Saints LB Chris Chamberlain says defense will be 'extremely aggressive' | New Orleans
New Orleans Saints linebacker Chris Chamberlain is only 26 years old and he has only played in the NFL for five seasons. Yet, the linebacker feels a bit like a player-coach these days.

Drew Brees Says He is Anxious to Play Sunday

New Orleans Saints looking forward to Hall of Fame visit to see Super Bowl XLIV exhibit | New Orleans
When the Saints agreed to play in the preseason opener in Canton, Ohio in 2007, the team toured the Pro Football Hall of Fame and left it feeling a little bit empty.

Post-Practice Player Quotes From Wednesday

New Orleans Saints backup cornerbacks perform well in starters' absence - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Backup cornerbacks Johnny Patrick and Marquis Johnson both look good in Jabari Greer and Patrick Robinson's absence

Joe Vitt: "We're trying to win the day."
August 1st transcript

New Orleans Saints practice report: Drew Brees says dog days of camp are here - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Roman Harper, Johnny Patrick intercept passes in team drills

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham still improving his connection with Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Malcolm Jenkins says Graham has become more humble in his second year as a starter

New Orleans Saints' quote of the day: Jimmy Graham wants to know how to shut down Jimmy Graham - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
"You can put a linebacker out on Jimmy Graham and just leave him there. Because (the linebacker) can just shut it down. He'll shut (Graham) down." - New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins on how someone can stop Graham. What makes this funnier is that Graham poked his head around a wall and asked the question during Jenkins' press conference.

Alex Daniels: New Orleans Saints Sign Defensive Tackle : New Orleans Saints
Alex Daniels is the newest addition of the New Orleans Saints. The defensive tackle is looking to make the team after training camp.

A closer look at the New Orleans Saints acquisition of Alex Daniels
The New Orleans Saints announced yesterday that they have signed defensive tackle Alex Daniels to take the roster spot of cornerback Cord Parks.

New Orleans Saints camp practice Wednesday: quick takes - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
It seems a near certainty that cornerbacks Jabari Greer and Patrick Robinson, both nursing nicks, won't play Sunday in the Hall of Fame game against Arizona. That means the likely starters will be Johnny Patrick and Marquis Johnson, and the good news for Saints fans is both of those players look strong in training camp. Patrick had another interception Wednesday and also separated wide receiver Devery Henderson from the ball on a third down play during team drills. Johnson, meanwhile, broke up two plays and showed he has the muscle to make even the big receivers less attractive targets.

Injuries give Saints reserve CBs more looks | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
METAIRIE -- Nagging injuries to the Saints' top two cornerbacks are giving New Orleans a chance to test its depth at the position.

New Orleans Saints training camp updates, 08.01.12 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
From the team facility on Airline Drive

Spagnuolo system a dramatic departure for Saints defense | ProFootballTalk
Safety Roman Harper described the differences between Spagnuolo and Williams as "Night and day. Earth and Pluto."

Saints Nation: Saints' Cornerback Training Camp Battle Picking Up Steam | August

Patrick Robinson: Injured HIs Shoulder During Saints Training Camp : New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson injured his shoulder during training camp. It is not yet known how long Robinson will be out.

NFL Rumors: WR Devery Henderson Off To A Slow Start At Training Camp : New Orleans Saints
NFL Rumors New Orleans Saints WR Devery Henderson is off to a shaky start at training camp as he has been dropping passes at practice.

NFL Rumors: Adrian Arrington A Lock To Be The Saints' Fourth Receiver : New Orleans Saints
NFL Rumors New Orleans Saints wide receiver Adrian Arrington has had a strong training camp and figures to be the number four receiver.



Drew Brees: 'I was just being honest' about Goodell -
"It just happens to be that the big topic or issue this offseason has been the bounty allegations," Brees said. "Unfortunately, my team, my organization, has been directly affected in a very negative way by those allegations. The process is still ongoing and I think that we've said and done as much as we can do to prove our innocence," Brees said. "I would say that we felt the process from the very beginning has not been fair. But I think if you really want to look at where we're at right now, it's not over. I think that we believe the Commissioner has a great opportunity to come to a positive resolution."

Drew Brees clarifies comments about Roger Goodell, didn't mean disrespect | New Orleans
"That may be the way people like to frame it," Brees said. "That’s not the way we look at it. You can say it just adds a little extra motivation. It just puts another chip on our shoulder. But we already had a chip on our shoulder. He added, "It seems to be the hot topic. For us it’s business as usual. You deal with it. Whatever comes your way, you deal with it."

Drew Brees said quote about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wasn't meant to be disrespectful - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
"I'm not going to comment further on it," Brees said. "If there's any dialogue that would need to take place, I would talk to the commissioner directly. By no means was that meant to be disrespectful. I was asked a direct question about how the players felt and I gave a very honest and direct answer. I think it was blown out of proportion a little bit when the headlines say I was blasting the commissioner.


SAN FRANCISCO SPORTS MEDIA = TABLOID PRESS (trying to make something out of nothing):

Saints LB says Whitner 'needs to shut his mouth'
It's been six months since the 49ers and Saints met in a playoff game for the ages, but the trash-talking between Donte Whitner and Scott Shanle continues as if the teams were still on the field.

49ers-Saints bounty disupte heats up - 49ers - The Sacramento Bee
Whitner then noted it was "very ironic" that he – not a member of the Saints' defense – delivered the biggest and most game-changing blow. He stopped an impressive opening drive by the Saints by jarring the ball from running back Pierre Thomas and knocking Thomas out cold.



Hall of Famer Willie Roaf showed early he was athletic big man - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Sports were important to his family

Roaf's road to Canton paved by 13 years of honors | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
NEW ORLEANS -- Willie Roaf might have missed out on a whopping 11 Pro Bowls had he been 2 inches taller.



" Who Gives A S**t 2012: Chapter 1: Falcons refuse Rebirth logos The Angry Who Dat

SaintsWin: Analysis & Opinion: A Demise, Exaggerated

Breaking down Morstead's new contract - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Morstead got a six-year extension that keeps him under contract through 2018 and the total deal is worth $23.16 million. Morstead got a $3.5 million signing bonus.

Vilma's suspension and Saints' salary cap - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
If he was playing, Vilma’s cap figure would have been $4.9 million, after he restructured his deal in the offseason. But Vilma still is going to count $3.333 million against the Saints’ cap this year. Why is Vilma counting when past suspended players didn’t?

The Greatest Moments in Saints History- No. 4
4. Hartley Sends the Saints to the Super Bowl



Joe Vitt's Interview 8/1/12

Drew Brees' Interview 8/1/12

Jimmy Graham's Interview 8/1/12