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Fleur-de-Links: August 10, 2012



Brees- "I'm here to support Vilma and the entire saints team"

So, a lot of good signs for Vilma and other players today, but still questions about Judge's ability to rule and no injunction for Vilma.

Wanna thank the for all the love! Excited to watch the film today! We took a step as a team in the right direction yesterday!

Feels good to be back in new Orleans but I don't miss this weather..

here's a quick link to thye Honey Badger being dismissed from football team. .

Crazy how powerful your mind really is!

": Something I thought would be relative to every individuals life " I can feel that

Weird thing I love about football is waking up the day after a game with aches and cuts. That's when u know u played hard

Ginsberg-Vilma learned of susp from ESPN.Can't be proper procedure. (Not clear if he's suggesting different network should've had scoop)

I can't use enough superlatives to describe Jeffrey Kessler. He's something else. Almost has more arguments than he knows what to do with

When I follow these things on twitter, every NFLPA lawyer is played in my mind by Saul Goodman. And the casting is perfect every time.

BREAKING: U.S. District Judge Berrigan fined $80,000, given six case suspension by Roger Goodell

Summing up first 15 mins- Judge suggests NFL process was unfair,punishment was excessive, and commish may not have juris. But, plyrs...

Judge- seems to me that cartoffs, as defined by Vilma and Vitt, ARE bounties. Suggests that Vilma admitted bounty.

Wondering how Jeff Duncan will twist Berrigan's ruling, no matter what it is, as the fault of the Saints and their fans.

Just me? Or do you get the feeling judge is setting up a "Sorry, nothing I can do. But yall still love me though, right? Pls don't hate me!"

": I thought I was the only one with 3 shoe sizes " haha they sent multiple sizes to see which size was best

Eyes hurt legs hurt im goin back to bed

More good news for Vilma-judge believes that Vilma has shown irreparable harm. Key prong in getting injunctive relief.

Judge- if I can find a way to legally do it, I will rule in Vilma's favor.

But, judge thinks that players still have to exhaust appeal pending of Prof Burbank's arbitration decision.

Judge thinks process was unfair, punishment excessive, and that RG did not have power to discipline in these cases.



Forecast: Saints and Patriots succeed in boring us to death | New Orleans
If even good preseason football is awful what is awful preseason football? Indescribably horrible.

" Overanalyzing the Preseason: Episode II The Angry Who Dat
Welp. That was kind of boring. 7-6, really? Two of the most prolific offenses in the league, and that’s the best you can do?

Patriots defense came ready to play
There are some new faces -- and younger faces -- and with that the Patriots hope to see new results in terms of defensive production. They got a glimpse of that tonight.

Jones makes quite a first impressions for Patriots - The Boston Globe
First-round pick Chandler Jones five quarterback pressures and two stuffed runs in his debut.

New Orleans Saints Lose To The New England Patriots 7-6 : New Orleans Saints
The New Orleans Saints were defeated by the New England Patriots 7-6. The Saints are now 1-1 in the preseason.

Bill Belichick goes off script on replacement officials | ProFootballTalk
The NFL has provided the 32 teams with suggested talking points regarding the replacement officials. The memo says nothing about expressing agreement with the opinions of former V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira, who has been (to put it mildly) a thorn in the league's side during this process.

Hit and miss | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Will Smith crunched Tom Brady from behind, forcing a fumble in the first quarter. It may be the Saints defensive end's biggest play for a while.

New Orleans Saints; New England Patriots provide a snoozer of a preseason game
New Orleans Saints; New England Patriots provide a snoozer of a preseason game.

Saints vs. Patriots Highlights



Judge does not rule in New Orleans Saints Jonathan Vilma lawsuit - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Jonathan Vilma is returning to federal court Friday as a judge hears arguments on the NFLs motion to dismiss the Saints linebackers lawsuit seeking to overturn his bounty suspension. Judge does not rule in New Orleans Saints Jonathan Vilma lawsuit

Judge ends Vilma hearing without ruling | New Orleans
U.S. District Court Judge Ginger Berrigan concluded Jonathan Vilma's hearing without issuing a ruling.

Judge ends Vilma hearing without ruling | ProFootballTalk
The problem is that Judge Berrigan needs to come up with a way to connect the dots leading from the legal theories raised to the outcome desired. Undoubtedly, she’ll give her team of law clerks the task of searching for a path through the maze. If they can, Vilma and company will win. If they can’t, the league will.

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma receives no ruling from federal judge - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
"Mr. Ginsberg, I'd like to be candid with you, I'd like to rule in Mr. Vilma's favor," Berrigan said.

A federal judge declines to make ruling in bounty case involving Jonathan Vilma - ESPN
Jonathan Vilma returned to federal court on Friday where a judge is hearing arguments on the NFL's motion to dismiss the Saints linebacker's lawsuit seeking to overturn his bounty suspension.

Photo: Jonathan Vilma leaves court with Drew Brees |
No ruling yet for Vilma

Judge says she’ll rule for Vilma, if she can find a way to legally do it | ProFootballTalk
The NFL is back in the place where it doesn't possess total control over the outcome. And the latest courthouse into which the league has ventured could end up giving the league bad news.



Spagnuolo impressed with how resilient Saints are | ProFootballTalk
"Now, nobody ever wants to go into a season or an offseason without their head coach. There’s a great deal of love and respect for Sean. . . . I look forward to being with him next year, but I really feel like this organization, more than anyone I’ve ever been with, just really has a way with being able to adjust."