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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, August 12



Courtney RobyI always thought US players cried way too much over fouls called..these Spain players are 10x's worse..!!

Mark Ingram "@H_Friesen04: I would like to go head up, 1 on 1 with @Mark_Ingram28 just to see how it feels to be hit by a truck lol. #RollTide"

Jimmy Graham"@jennnerr: @TheJimmyGraham #RedDessRun2012 #whodatnation". Is that Snoop?

Judy BattistaRT @TheBigLead: NFL replacements refs > Olympic basketball refs

Andrew JugeFIBA & NBA should really look into these snipers continually sneaking in games Rudy Fernandez plays. Poor guy has been shot so many times

Andrew TillerHaving surgery sucks!! My arm is killin me smh

Jedidiah CollinsToday's question: what would u do for a Klondike bar? Would you sit in a 37 degree pool for 15 minutes? #ColdTub

Dave ZirinI hear underneath his voice, Doug Collins having flashbacks to 1972. Collins was star of that US team.

Andrew TillerDefinatly appreciate all of the love and support from the #whodatnation! Don't worry I'll be back next yr better than ever!!

Jimmy GrahamWant to wish the USA basketball team good luck and to bring home the Gold #goldmedalenvy

New Orleans SaintsMr. @CurtisLofton50 #Saints

New Orleans SaintsCongrats to @Hornets big man Anthony Davis (@AntDavis23) and @USAbasketball on winning a gold medal! #USA #Olympics

Andy TannerUSA!!!!!!!!!


Andrew Tiller I'm glad team USA got the win! P.S. they definatly wasn't beating the dream team!! No way no how!!

Lance MooreUSA!!!!!

cameron jordanIs there any great places out n moss point? Goin to go pick up my play sis @denesha11

JUNIOR GALETTE#Church Flow All Glory Be To God....

Canal St. ChroniclesA very bad movie. RT @PilarEllis What is that? RT @JohnnyPatrick32: Laying in bed watching good burger

Jimmy Graham"@marcelo_unda: @TheJimmyGraham this is a parked cop car". Only in NO can u get away with that!

Jedidiah Collins"@LesleyMag: @JedCollins45 How do you get warm after that cold bath??" That is the hard part, U have to unthaw. All 2 be ready tomorrow!

JUNIOR GALETTE#WHODAT RT @godwinajoshua12: Just saw @Saints DE @JuniorG93 at @dotsdinernola!

Jedidiah CollinsWhy does secret have a "T" but secrecy doesn't? Where does the T go? #randomconfusing

Grandmaster WangAlso, I don't know why everybody's so sad about Honey Badger when there are KIDS STARVING IN AFRICA!!!


Bradley HandwergerI think John Daly is wearing zubaz pants. Welcome to the late 80's Mr Daly.

Brian de la PuenteSHOW ME YOU'RE TEETH!!! Who else is excited for #sharkweek?

Ryan SmithMy God ... he's right. RT @SC_DougFarrar "Is Luck better than Manning? Let's yell about it!!!" -- Every freaking morning show, tomorrow.

Lance MooreSmiley Saturday nights

Jonathan Vilma"@Princessa674: Supporting @jonvilma51 in my own special way."oh wow where is that?

Albert BreerMentioned Jerry Hughes in my camp report. Important summer for him. Maybe Pagano 3-4 is better fit. Lots of 3-4 teams looked at him in '10.

cameron jordanBack to n o wit @denesha11 I don't kno what she gon do if a week lol

New Orleans Saints Fans: You can watch Saints football each of the next 5 days!

Lance MooreOh ya, its goin down bruh!! RT @BRAND0NJENNINGS: Can't wait to see @LanceMoore16 touchdown dances this year...... Lol

Malcolm JenkinsTickets for The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation "Taste of New Orleans Fundraiser" on Sept 24th are NOW ON SALE. Go to

Jonathan Vilma"@Chris_Payan: @JonVilma51 Retweet this. Great link on your case and Goodell's false accusations." I Read it yesterday


Camp Stuff

New Orleans Saints Announce Roster Moves |
The Saints have signed DB Nick Hixson, G Paul Fenaroli and TE Daniel Graham. The team waived LB Nate Bussey and waived/injured DB A.J. Davis and G Andrew Tiller

Saints Make Roster Moves - WWL | AM870 | FM105.3

Five New Orleans Saints training camp battles to watch |
Larry Holder - Is Chris Ivory in danger of losing his spot?

New Orleans Saints interim coach Joe Vitt putting same stamp on team that Sean Payton left |
Nakia Hogan - He has made an impression without changing Sean Payton's methods.

Saints training camp has been 'very, very smooth' | National Football Post
Brad Biggs - Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo credits leadership.

Special teams help Saints | The Advocate
Sheldon Mickles - To understand how good a season the New Orleans Saints had on special teams in 2011, all you have to do is look at rankings compiled annually by the Dallas Morning News.

Overanalyzing the Preseason: Episode II - The Angry Who Dat
You know, I titled my preseason posts "Overanalyzing the Preseason" for a reason – because basically any analysis of the preseason is going to be overanalysis by definition.

Daily Special, August 11, 2012 | Who Dat Social Club



Drew Brees Time-Travels In Offseason? | WWL - AM870 - FM105.3
Amid our preseason flurry of activity for all things Saints and LSU, a WWL listener brought our attention to something that should have caught our attention years ago.

League must get real officials back -- and soon |
For the good of the game, the NFL must get the real officials back on the field soon, John Clayton writes.

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