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State Police Find No Evidence of Eavesdropping by New Orleans Saints

Mickey Loomis is vindicated. According to the Associated Press, state police have found no evidence that he rigged Superdome wiring to intercept opposing teams' communication. This was first suggested in a reckless report by ESPN almost four months ago.State police say there is nothing to that:

"This has been an intensive investigation, and after numerous interviews we have determined that there is no evidence that state laws have been violated," State Police Col. Mike Edmonson told The Associated Press Monday after meeting with Saints owner Tom Benson.

Edmonson told The Associated Press that he cannot comment on the status the FBI's probes.

"This is based on what we know today. If any new allegations would come up we would certainly pursue that," Edmonson told The AP. "This is not anything to do with the FBI or the U.S. Attorney's office. We find out whether or not there's any evidence to show criminal wrongdoing and base it on state law."

Loomis and the Saints have emphatically denied the allegations, and the Saints have hired the firm of former FBI director Louis Freeh to do its own investigation.

Could a Benson vs. ESPN lawsuit be next? Would that even be possible?