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Saints Roster Breakdown: Fullback

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In recent years, the importance of the fullback position has been diminished in the NFL. They usually block 90 percent of the time and are rarely involved in the passing game.

Currently, the Saints only have two fullbacks on their training camp roster. The Saints like to bring two fullbacks into game day for depth, but they primarily will use one. What has helped the team in the past, is that tight end David Thomas has experience as a fullback as well and has been able to sub in for a few plays.

Make the jump to see my opinion on whether or not both fullbacks will make the final roster. Afterwards, put your thoughts in the comment section below.


Jed Collins

Jed Collins, a player who Grandmaster Wang from moosedenied often raves about, looks like he should be replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine rather than playing the fullback position. Nevertheless, he is the established starter for the Saints. He has proven to be a sure blocker and even has a good set of hands and wheels for a big guy. Last season, Jed had eleven receptions for fifty yards and two touchdowns to go along with his protection of Drew Brees.


Korey Hall

Last season Korey Hall appeared in 13 games for the Saints but failed to record a stat at the fullback position. On special teams, Hall had five tackles. Because he's the only other fullback on the training camp roster, he will most likely make the final team. But if for some reason he has a bad preseason, the Saints may chose to look elsewhere for their backup fullback.