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Top Saints Fantasy Football Players for 2012

The fantasy football draft season is officially upon us as fantasy leagues the world over begin that all-important selection process. With an offense as potent as the Saints, you know at least a few draft worthy fantasy players have to come straight outta New Orleans.

By the way, I am the reigning champion of our official Canal Street Chronicles fantasy league, so I think I know a little something about this stuff. Make the jump for a little peek and a short walk inside my genius.

Drew Brees - He's first overall selection material, baby! Need I say more? You see him, you draft him. End of story.

Jimmy Graham - You don't often see tight ends taken until at least the fourth round, but after the numbers both Graham and Rob Gronkowski put up last year, they're now worthy of a second round selection, possibly even a first. Crazy.

Darren Sproles - Last year was probably an anomaly and he won't set a record for all-purpose yards in a single season again but Sprolesy is a dead lock to rack up a bunch of fantasy points. If you get credit for kick and punt return yardage in your league, then he's a no-brainer. He's got second round potential and a sure thing if still available in the third.

Mark Ingram -'s my sleeper pick of the year. After everything I've read and seen thus far this preseason, I think Ingram is primed. You won't need to draft him too early since he's not a marquee name. But look for him in the middle rounds like the fourth or fifth. It all depends how everything is playing out, you'll just have to get a feel for it as it happens and make a judgement call in the heat of the moment. You see how much thought goes into these $&#% analyses!

Could you imagine if you had a team with all four of these guys on it? It would never happen but damn that would be a good fantasy team.