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Saints Training Camp Recap for August 15th

Who's Hot

The Free Payton Air Campaign - Two fans have pooled their money together and paid to have a plane tow a "Free Payton" banner over Saints training camp, which they started doing today. You can follow them on Twitter right here. You messed with the wrong fanbase, Rog.

Who's Not

Marquis Johnson - The young cornerback is the newest addition to the injury list today with a knee injury.

Chris Ivory - He fumbled...again.

Reason to be Optimistic

Every reporter and their mother was talking about the Saints defense and how they won the day. Zach Strief said the entire unit is a lot more physical. This is starting to become a trend. A wonderful, welcome trend.

Reason to be Pessimistic

If you're hoping to see bigger things from safety Malcolm Jenkins this season, it won't be because of a new defensive scheme or because he's working harder on and off the field. Nope. Jenkins is leaving his success this season completely in the hands of God. I hope you guys believe in the same supreme being.


RB Darren Sproles (knee)

WR Nick Toon (foot)

WR Adrian Arrington (knee)

CB Jabari Greer (groin)

CB Kamaal McIlwain (groin)

DT Tom Johnson (ankle)

DE Turk McBride (ankle)

LB Aaron Tevis (knee).

CB Marquis Johnson (knee)



Tomorrow's Practice Schedule

8:50am - 11:30am at the practice facility. Indoors and closed to the public.