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Fleur-de-Links: August 16, 2012



Spags says he is pleased with the progress of the defense but emphasizes the real test is reg season

Vitt said Toon, Sproles, McBride and Greer will not play tomorrow. Jimmy Graham will play

": tide is turning...judge got them in a lie...but will mainstream media run the story?"Idk u gota ask them

So I texted like 3 days ago. No response. Smh see how he handles the little ppl?


": So I texted like 3 days ago. No response. Smh see how he handles the little ppl?"blasphemy!

I did bro unless u changed ur # on me

promise I didn't get it. Going to text u now

We are interviewing today for Behind the Facemask. Reply with your questions for Roman!

Oh holy s***. Bwaaaaahahahaha!

A little late today but it's a good message that I know someone could use!!! Have a good day!!

": Look 4wd to it! RT : objections to me throwing a massive office happy hour there tonight?"I wana come!

Best movie in the series? What do y'all think?

": I've always been partial to The Last Crusade myself. Harrison Ford and Sean Connery? You can't lose." true!

there's a deadline in the suit against commish, check out story:

forgot 2 mention goodell denied the request by the nflpa on march 14th. Trotter of reported it

no prob. Its an important piece

story has been updated

Been Laughing And Smiling All Day! Like Like My Man Mitch Wud Say "LIFE IS GOOD J LIFE IS GOOD"

After playing in New Orleans tomorrow I will have played in every NFL stadium. See y'all there &

The New Studio at Benson Tower with and the in the background!

So blessed to have this opportunity, take advantage of what life gives you and never second guess yourself. Home in the Dome tomorrow WHODAT

NFL Referees Association responds to NFL, calls league statements 'false and/or misleading.'

": Do you have any advise for a young fullback trying to make it" Make every block a competition between U & the guy you hit

By putting a timeline on a dream U set a goal By Setting a goal U bring the future into the present By being present U can get to work NOW!



Saints Host Jaguars in Preseason Home Debut
The New Orleans Saints and Jacksonville Jaguars didn't have much in common during the 2011 regular season, and their preseason performances from this past week bore little resemblance to what either team accomplished for much of last year.

New Orleans Saints TE Daniel Graham held out to sign with championship contender | New Orleans
Daniel Graham figured after 10 years, his NFL career wasn’t finished. But the tight end wasn’t going to settle for playing for anybody; he wanted to be a part of a contender.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees faces the biggest obstacle of his career
Drew Brees faces biggest obstacle of his career.

New Orleans Saints could benefit from having two Graham's at tight end
New Orleans Saints could benefit from having two Graham's at tight end.

Camp Buzz: Blitzing Drew Brees not a bad idea -
Blitzing Drew Brees is a terrifying strategy for opposing defensive coordinators. But in his Thursday "Training Camp Buzz," Gregg Rosenthal explains why it might be a smart move.

Saints Nation: Could Chris Ivory's Fumbling Cost Him a Roster Spot? | August

Plane with "Free Payton" banner buzzes Saints practice | ProFootballTalk
The Saints have practiced under a large picture of Sean Payton throughout training camp and they got another reminder of their coach's absence on Wednesday. A group of Saints fans unhappy about the season-long suspension handed to Payton have taken to the sky with their complaint.



March 21 suddenly looms large over bounty case | ProFootballTalk
Given that the outcome before Judge Berrigan is destined to be appealed by the losing party, this factual disconnect likely could be the centerpiece of the players’ presentation to the panel that will be reviewing Judge Berrigan’s work.

NFL responds to federal judge's request for information in Vilma case - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
3. Commissioner Goodell had intended to discipline the Saints players who were involved in the pay-for-performance/bounty program at the same time that he disciplined the Saints franchise and its non-player employees. However, in light of the NFLPA's request, in telephone conversations with DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director of the NFLPA, occurring sometime between March 14, 2012, the date of the letter referred to in Paragraph 2, and March 21, 2012, the Commissioner agreed to address first discipline of the club and non-player employees and to afford the NFLPA a reasonable opportunity to conduct its own investigation and express its views before he imposed discipline on the players. (Declaration of Roger Goodell, (submitted herewith).)

Daily Special, August 16, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
Something big is about to happen, and I think I know what it is, and I think I know why.

New Orleans Saints' Image On The Mend After Cleared Of Wiretapping : New Orleans Saints
The New Orleans Saints' image is on the mend after the team was cleared of the wiretapping allegations put against them.

New Orleans Saints LB Jonathan Vilma's case has a deadline Friday, not a hearing - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan wants to clear up a question about whether the NFLPA, the players' union, asked the NFL to delay imposing its discipline on players connected by the league to the Saints 'bounty program' that was in place from 2009 to 2011, according to a league investigation. The NFL said it honored that request; Vilma's side contends that, in fact, the league and Commissioner Roger Goodell had already made up its mind the players were guilty and thus the delay in announcing punishments was a sign of bad faith, as were comments he made regarding Vilma's alleged guilt.

Replacement officials no answer for NFL 'serious' about safety -- Gerry V |
Why doesn't the NFL just tell the players, "Look, your safety means the world to us ... we're just going to dangle you over a hot pit for awhile 'til the real officials cave."



Saints Fans Should Plan for Enhanced Security at Mercedes-Benz Superdome This Season
This season, in accordance with enhanced security screening mandated by the NFL, security personnel will scan patrons with hand-held metal-detecting wands at ALL entrance gates. Pat downs will no longer be performed. All other security measures will remain in place.

Superdome security to include metal detectors for all fans | New Orleans
Saints fans attending this Friday night's preseason home opener for the team will notice enhanced security measures and the facility's officials strongly urge people to arrive early for the game.

Superdome roof needs a cleaning - again | New Orleans
You can blame the New Orleans heat, humidity and rainy summers for what you now see on top of the Superdome.

Reggie Bush Has Given His Heisman Trophy Back first reported Wednesday that Bush had indeed given the statue back to the Heisman Trust after forfeiting it in 2010 following an NCAA investigation at USC found he has received improper benefits

Fourcade to Appear at Saints Hall of Fame
Former New Orleans Saints quarterback John Fourcade will appear at the Saints Hall of Fame Museum on Friday, August 17 from 5 p.m.-6:15 p.m. prior to the New Orleans Saints vs. Jacksonville Jaguars preseason home opener.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees apprehensive about replacement officials | New Orleans
Ever since the Hall of Fame game kicked off the 2012 preseason, talk has centered on the replacement officials and the missed or bad calls that they have been a part of.

Two former New Orleans Saints listed as "most injury-prone" in the NFL
Two former New Orleans Saints listed as "most injury-prone" in the NFL.

New Orleans Saints fans' honesty put to test by tea company |
New Orleans and Cleveland competing for first place

State-of-the-Art Production Studio Opening Adjacent To The Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Tom Benson's local television station will air FOX 8 LIVE TAILGATE from the new studio on Friday, August 17th with three hours of pre-game coverage begining at 4pm.



Jimmy Graham's Interview 8/16/12

LeBlanc Discusses Benson Tower's New Studio