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Adam's Book Signing Tour Reaches New Orleans

I told you guys a couple of weeks ago about my friend Adam's signing tour in support of his book "Tailgate to Heaven," that chronicles his record-breaking trip around the country on a mission to see one game at every NFL stadium in a single season.

His tour finally brings him to New Orleans Friday night for the Saints vs. Jaguars Week 2 preseason matchup at the Superdome. He'll be wandering around the stadium prior to the game, just soaking up all that New Orleans Saints tailgating goodness. If you're going to be out there, keep your eyes and ears open for the guy with a British accent.

During the game, Adam will be doing his book signing at Cooter Browns, one of the best bars in New Orleans from which to watch a Saints game and a personal fave in my own neighborhood. Cooter's has a gazillion beers from all over the world on tap and kick-ass bar food. Adam will be there for a little while after the game, which is when I hope to meet up with him for a beer before making his way to the next town on his tour.

If you live in the area, I highly recommend checking it out. Watch the game, enjoy a drink (or seven), grab a bite and meet not only one of the biggest NFL fans in the world, but also the man who has accomplished in one year what many of us could only dream of doing in a lifetime.