OTL taking a closer look at Sean Payton | ProFootballTalk

Given the eavesdropping story, it’s hard not to wonder whether and to what extent the Payton profile will consist of kicking a dog while he’s down by dredging up outdated or marginally relevant claims. To the extent that the item delves into Payton’s notoriously contentious relationship with the media (especially in New Orleans), it’ll be interesting to see whether there’s anything in there that would be any different than if the profile were about Bill Belichick or Bill Parcells or Nick Saban or any other branch of the Tuna Tree. Still, it’ll be worth checking it out, if only to see whether there’s another nugget of decade-old "news" aimed at making up for the fact that the bounty investigation was occurring right under the noses of ESPN’s NFL reporters and their network of sources. Hopefully, Payton never gave anyone a wedgie in high school.