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Saints Fall to Jaguars in Final Seconds 27-24


The Jacksonville Jaguars were able to pull out a 27-24 victory in the waning moments of their preseason matchup against the New Orleans Saints, courtesy of a Kevin Elliot touchdown reception with 13 seconds remaining in the game.

The final score doesn't matter nearly as much as the lackluster effort put forth by the Saints on offense, defense and special teams. Drew Brees and the starters failed to get anything going until later in the second quarter while the defense looked porous most of the night.

Tackling was weak, first team offense was flat and if that wasn't bad enough, Chris Chamberlain and Andy Tanner were both carted off the field with injuries. And how could I forget about the replacement officiating!

Keep it here for all your post-game thoughts. Check in tomorrow for full analysis from the CSC staff. Click the picture for more from tonight's game.