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Jaguars 27 @ Saints 24: Notes from the Dome

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The New Orleans Saints 27-24 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars wasn't pretty, that's for sure. Nor was it a very exciting game to watch, even by preseason standards.

The offense looked flat, defense couldn't tackle and the officials couldn't see. And that's just what I noticed while I was paying attention. I'd have paid more attention if the game wasn't so damn long, boring and awkward.

Nevertheless, make the jump for all of my customary bullet point notes from my seat in the Superdome last night. Then check back later today for all the pictures from my game day experience.

  • Because of the rain earlier in the day, the standing water and puddles created quite the obstacle course on my walk from the car into the Superdome.
  • Something new: there was a small drumline marching band that walked out of the inflatable tunnel just prior to player introductions.
  • Stadium announcer Jerry Romig got choked up and fought back the tears as he asked for a moment of silence for the fallen St. John's Parish deputies from this past week's shooting. That was the first time I've ever heard Romig express any emotion through the PA system.
  • There were definitely a fair amount of empty seats in the stadium tonight. Guess the Saints wanted the Jaguars to feel more at home. Zing!
  • Jahri Evans led the pre-game Who Dat chant.
  • To be honest, I thought I'd see more anti-Goodell propaganda being worn by fans in attendance but that wasn't the case. Lot's of Free Payton paraphernalia as expected. Speaking of which, I'm already sick of all the Payton faces on sticks, shirts and signs.
  • The Saints first teamers on both offense and defense left much to be desired. The offense couldn't get anything going until just before the half and the defense, well, let's just say it's going to be a long season if they don't work out the kinks. I couldn't even tell how sloppy the tackling was in person until I got home and watched the replay. Travaris Cadet finally showed us that he can actually run the ball as well as catch, though I still think he'd better serve the Saints as are receiver. I still don't know whether there's enough room on the roster for him, either.
  • I feel like no matter how bad the Saints play as a team, Pierre Thomas always shines. I can't even remember PT ever having a bad game. I freakin' love that guy.
  • Joe Morgan's numbers look good on the stat sheet courtesy of that long touchdown bomb from Chase Daniel, but I think that was more a Jaguars defensive error than anything special that Morgan might have done.
  • The 610 Stompers were the halftime entertainment with their Beastie Boys dance tribute.
  • Chris Chamberlain and Andy Tanner were both carted off the field. Curtis Lofton also walked into the locker room on his own accord during the fourth quarter.
  • I see a lot of people complaining about the officiating, particularly pass interference penalties, but from my seat in the Dome it was hard to tell. There was only one pass interference call in particular that looked bogus and drew a reaction from the crowd. I did notice the abundance of yellow flags, however, and the complete dragging on of the game. Too many reviews.
  • "Free Sean Payton" cheers began to erupt in certain sections of the crowd during the second half. They didn't last long at all.