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Who Dat Viewing Guide: Sean Payton and Steve Gleason to Appear on a TV Near You

If this floating head makes you yearn for the real Sean Payton, you may want to tune in to Sunday's OTL on ESPN for the Sean Payton feature story.  Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE
If this floating head makes you yearn for the real Sean Payton, you may want to tune in to Sunday's OTL on ESPN for the Sean Payton feature story. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

In what I just realized has become an ongoing, intermittent series, I am here for the second weekend in a row with some Who Dat viewing tips.

This newly-christened series, to be filed under Who Dat Viewing Guide, will seek to bring you, the Saints fan and CSC member, news and information about any interesting New Orleans Saints or NFL-related programming appearing on the big or small screens.

What I've got for you this week are two items. First, exiled head coach Sean Payton will be featured on tomorrow morning's Outside the Lines on ESPN at 9:00 am EDT. Second, Steve Gleason is slated to appear on HBO's REAL Sports with Bryant Gumbel on Tuesday, August 21 at 9:00 pm EDT.

Both these shows have multiple re-airings by their respective families of networks throughout the week, so if you miss them the first time, don't fret, and just hop on your TV provider's programming guide to find the rebroadcasts.

Make the jump for more detailed programming notes to whet your whistle.

My esteemed colleague David "Satch" Kelly clued us in to Payton's OTL piece in this Fanshot on Friday, linking to Mike Florio's PFT blurb about it, and when I dialed it up on my DVR to record, I was well-informed by these notes in the on-screen menu:

Outside the Lines - ESPNHD - 206 - 30min. Sports, CC, Series, Talk - No Information Available. This episode is set to record at 9:00 a, Sun. 8/19.

Wow, that's almost TMI for me to handle about the details of the show's content, but in the interest of better informing my CSC readers, I forged ahead with my investigation.

Looking under the "View Upcoming" episodes tab in the on-screen guide revealed this general info about the show:

Outside the Lines | No Rating. Sports. Bob Ley. Investigative series examining topical issues off the playing field. CC, Series, Talk.

Well, Sean Payton is certainly spending a lot of time "off the playing field" this year, so I'm getting warmer, but I want to know what in the heck will they be talking to him about. The Bountycrap? His divorce? Coaching children's rec league football? His mostly-forgotten "in development" screenplay? His globe-hopping, music stage-strutting, dance floor-grinding International Life of Semi-Mystery? A follow-up retraction/apology from that hack John Barr's eavesdropping farce?

With all these questions still haunting me, I couldn't stop here, so next I went to ESPN's OTL site to see if I could find anything about the content, and BINGO! - under a head shot of Payton wearing his trademark sideline headphones and visor was this caption...

Beyond Bounty

New Orleans Saints fans love head coach Sean Payton for delivering a championship to the city. But as John Barr reveals, there's a side of Payton you may not know.

Oh, snap! Does that say John Barr? I wonder if there will ever surface any bootleg footage (cut from the full taping of the interview) of Payton going all "Jim Rome/Chrissy Everett" on him about the eavesdropping story.

A side to Payton we may not know? No way will I miss that. I just hope it's not a pixellated pic of his bare backside from a wobbly helicopter perspective aerial beach shot with a cheap telephoto lens. I hate those.

Now that I've covered that show as deeply and significantly as I could, it's time to move on to Gleason's appearance on REAL Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

The first question that came to mind when researching this was, "Why do they capitalize REAL in the title?" Is it some cryptic acronym? I invite you to provide your humorous and lewd guesses as to what the REAL in REAL Sports might stand for in the comment thread.

Once I got past that silly thought (and believe me, it's both a blessing and a curse to have a mind like mine), I also wanted to find out what they'll be discussing with Steve Gleason. This investigation was made very easy for me as my brother in law from St. Louis, who is involved with the local ALS fund-raising/outreach/awareness chapter there, forwarded me a press release he received about it. (Thanks, Duck!!)

Here's the lead-in:

Steve Gleason to appear on HBOs "Real Sports"

Two Louisiana athletes with ALS will be featured on "Real Sports" with host Bryant Gumbel: Steve Gleason, former New Orleans Saints' safety, and Jay Rink, former Tulane University and Brother Martin High School star athlete. The program will air on HBO Tuesday evening, August 21. Check your local listing for the time in your area.

...followed by more info:

*Steve Gleason. On Sept. 25, 2006, after playing an entire season away due to damages from Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Saints returned to the refurbished Superdome. On the fourth play of the game, special teamer Steve Gleason blocked a punt, resulting in a touchdown. That moment, which seemed to signal a new day for the long-struggling Saints and their city, has been commemorated with a recently unveiled statute of Gleason outside the stadium.

Three years after retiring in 2008, Gleason revealed he was battling ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease; now confined to a wheelchair, the 35-year-old wonders if head injuries sustained while playing football may be to blame. Subsequently partnering with a filmmaker to document his experiences with the illness, Gleason found himself in the middle of a scandal when the production captured the infamous sound bites of former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams instructing his players to inflict serious injury on the opposition. Steve Gleason goes one-on-one with REAL SPORTS correspondent Jon Frankel as one of the few people who were in the locker room that day in San Francisco to speak out.

That's what I'm talking about for good programming notes. Now we know exactly what will be covered in this segment. Thank you, REAL Sports.

Checking on HBO's website showed me that pieces on NFL analyst Jon Gruden and golfer Erik Compton will round out this REAL Sports 2012 Summer/Fall premiere.

* * *

So there's your scoop on these two upcoming Saints-related television programs. Now that you know a bit about what them, will you watch either of these shows, or do you have little to no interest in the content of each? Please share your thoughts and perspective in the comment section.