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Saints Roster Battles: Stock Report


It may be hard to believe but despite the overall sluggish play of the Saints last night versus the Jaguars, there were actually quite a few positive performances on the field from some of the young talent on the team trying to crack the roster.

Let's take a look and see just which young players on the Saints roster bubble helped themselves and which ones hurt themselves following last night's sloppy preseason loss to Jacksonville in the Superdome.

Travaris Cadet

3 attempts, 28 yards; 5 catches, 62 yards, 1 TD; 3 returns, 84 yards

After a so-so performance last week against the Patriots, Cadet bounced back nicely with 5 catches for 62 yards and what should have been the go-ahead touchdown against the Jaguars. He also looked good running the ball - finally! - with 3 rushes for 28 yards. And don't forget his decent job returning kickoffs.

Braylon Broughton

2 tackles, 1 sack

The rookie defensive end out of Texas Christian finally put himself on the map with two tackles and a sack. If we see more of this from Broughton during the remaining two preseason games, he might get a shot at the practice squad roster.

Andy Tanner


Not that he performed poorly versus the Jaguars, but he did need to be carted off the field. A serious injury for a bubble player trying hard to make the roster at this point in the preseason is never good news.

Joe Morgan

3 catches, 68 yards, 1 TD

In all honesty, Morgan's 53-yard touchdown catch was probably more due to a defensive breakdown by Jacksonville's secondary than anything special the receiver did himself. But he still comes out looking like a champ on the stat sheet. Plus, if Tanner's injury is serious it might officially stamp Morgan's ticket onto this roster.

Michael Higgins

5 catches, 42 yards

Higgins led all tight ends in receiving this game. I like this kid and I'd say he's doing all the right things to make this team. Considering the Saints could use some depth at his position, I'd say he's got a good shot.