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Texans vs. Saints: HansDat's Hot Reads


Tonight the New Orleans Saints host the Houston Texans in hot, AFC-on-NFC preseason action. To get you ready for this feast for the eyes, I have prepared a little something for your football minds to consider now, forget later, and then be reminded of again just when you forget that you forgot it.

Make the jump for my Hot Reads in this, Week 4, of the Saints 2012 preseason gambit.


With all the recent injuries to the Saints linebacking corps, I am increasingly worried that we might be in for a RUUD AWAKENING, regardless of whether the newly-acquired old and gimpy Barrett Ruud ends up playing or not in the back seven when the real games are here.

What I'd Like To See: That some, one, or any of the linebackers the Saints are able to actually send out on the field have a pulse and have a clue about how to play well in the NFL. GAAAAA!



Aaron Kromer, who will be at the helm of the Saints for Weeks 1-6 this year, will be "playing a head coach on TV" for these last two preseason games under the tutelage of Joe Vitt, so it's time to figure out what the KROMER QUOTIENT is. Will there be a noticeable difference/identity on the field/sideline? In the press conferences after the game?

What I'd Like To See: Occasions both in the game and after the game to clue me in as to how Kromer will carry himself as the Saints head coach - aggressive and "go for the jugular", or safely conservative? Fiery and outspoken, or understatedly calm and in control?

Other alliterative phrases considered for the "money quote" in this Hot Read: Kromer Coefficient, Kromer's Comportment.



Drew Brees faced a bit of a pass rush last week (well, one scary hit, at least - but since this is preseason, I get to overreact to singularities), so I'm back on wanting the O-line and tight ends (Jimmy Graham, I'm looking at you) to REALLY, REALLY PROTECT BREES AGAIN.

What I'd Like To See: Brees upright, untouched, and able to make whatever throws he wants for the length of his stay in the game tonight, which could be lengthy.



I'm still not convinced that we (and the coaches and personnel guys, too) are getting enough info to make a fully-informed decision on this placekicking battle, so I want MOAR FIELD GOALS!

Here's Pat Y's take:

This is one of the best kicking battles I've ever seen because it features two guys who have made some very big kicks.

Really, Pat? I disagree. To me, the best kicking battle would be one that involved both players getting lots of opportunities to kick short and long range kicks in game situations. What I've seen of this battle is a tiny sample of kicks in which neither candidate is really staking a claim to the job.

What I'd Like To See: Plenty of kicks for both candidates.

* * *

That's all she wrote, folks, and all I've written on this so far, too. Let me know what you think...