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Saints @ Titans: Game Predictions

Since Mr. Cariello decided to ride out Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac in New Orleans we (your CSC team) are going to try to fill his shoes, so I hope he doesn't have unusually large feet.

One story I know he'd want us to publish today would be the Game Predictions contest, so I figured I'd plagiarize and copy and past this idea really quickly since it's become a tradition around these parts.

By now you should all know what to do and how to do it, but just in case you don't, you can catch up on the rules of the game right here. As always, all are welcome to partake, including opposing fans. This is a great opportunity for those readers who have never signed up or commented to finally dip their toe in the water.

I'm not saying who was last week's winner because that's Dave's call, but according to the poll, Saint for Life received the most votes for his prediction last week:

Texans 31-Saints 24

1. Defense gets 3 or more sacks
2. Defense gets 2 or more turnovers
3. Brees throws for at least 125 yds

So in true CSC fashion, let's get some predictions going!