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Saints @ Titans: HansDat's Hot Reads


Well, our boys dodged Isaac by heading up to Cincy before cruising down to Nashville (I'm sure they're kind of tired of packing and unpacking, town to town, up and down the dial), where tonight they will take on the Titans of Tennessee in the finale of this interminable preseason 2012.

Last time they were there, it took a Whistle-scandal and a last-second red zone stop by the defense to preserve a 22-17 victory in the 2011 season. Who knows what will pass this time, as the players are all different and both teams will be going through the motions of closing out the preseason trying not to injure anyone while getting a last look at some players fighting for roster spots.

Enough preamble, HansDat, let's make the jump for the Hot Reads!


The last thing anyone wants is for an injury to fell a projected regular season starter, so given that the real games start in a little over a week, the main goal for tonight should be to STAY HEALTHY, MY FRIEND.

What I'd Like To See: One series, MAX, for the offensive starters, but quite a bit more for those linebackers, because I'm not convinced Lofton will be back for the Redskins game. They need to get used to hearing Jonathan Casillas make the calls, and show us they can populate to the football and tackle.



With Garrett Hartley getting most of the kicking reps last week, it seems they have settled on him as the starter. So since we're going to be KICKING IT WITH FPK this year, he needs to get a good bunch of work this week.

What I'd Like To See: No more balance of reps, just let Hartley kick away from long range this week at least a few times. Once you get to the 33-yard line, send in the kicking unit, Aaron!!



HOCUS POCUS, LET'S ALL FOCUS The team is going to be training camp weary, maybe even a bit road weary, and at least a little bit distracted, as well, wondering about their homes and families back home in the wake of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac.

What I'd Like To See: A well-focused and smartly-playing team on the field. Namely, that would look like this: few penalties, few mistakes, good clean tackling, and players in the right position to make plays.



You know what we haven't yet seen in the preseason? A real SAFETY. No, not Darren Sharper in his prime, but an honest to Jesus1K safety in which someone is tackled in the end zone, or a blocked kick or fumble gets booted out of the back of the end zone.

What I'd Like To See: The Saints defense or special teams notch a safety in this game, somehow, some way.

* * *

Take it or leave it, love it or hate it, read it and weep, readers. Those are my Hot Reads. What kind of reads will you be looking to make tonight?