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Saints Roster Breakdown: Specialists


With the 53-man roster deadline fast approaching in five hours, we have come to the conclusion of our Roster Breakdown series, with this one focusing on the team's specialists.

This squad includes the kicker, punter, and long snapper. Last year, the Saints had a very good specialist team. Even though Garrett Hartley was injured early in the season, John Kasay was thought to be a solid substitue, and was nothing shy of great for the team. In fact, Kasay broke the record for most points scored in a season by a Saint with 147. Thomas "The Leg" or "Legatron" Morstead wasn't too shabby either. He finished second in the league in average net yards per punt with 43.1.

Right now, there are four specialists on the team. The only position that isn't solidified is the kicker position as Kasay and Hartley are still technically battling for the starting spot.

Make the jump to see my predictions for the Saints' specialists this season. Afterwards, post your comments in the section below.


Thomas Morstead, Justin Drescher

The Leg will be the starting punter in New Orleans for a loooong time. He recently signed a six-year contract extension worth up to $21.9 million. Along with punting, he handles the kickoff duties. Last year he set records for most touchbacks in a game (9) and most touchbacks in a single season (68).

Justin Drescher has handled the long-snapping duties for the past two years. Nothing will be changing here either because he is the only deep snapper on the roster.


Garrett Hartley

I expect the Fat Punk Kicker to make a spectacular return this year. After going out early last season due to a hip injury, he has fully recovered and is ready to go. So far, he has kicked the majority of the field goals this preseason, going 4 of 5 with his only miss coming from 53 yards. He is also perfect on all four extra point attempts.

On the Bubble

John Kasay

The only reason Kasay is "on the bubble" is because he is such a good kicker himself. Although I predict the Saints will go with Hartley over Kasay, he should be kicking somewhere this season because he deserves it. He was a great replacement and asset for the team last year. If I were the Saints though, I would tell Kasay to keep in touch just in case something freaky happens to Hartley again.