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Saints Training Camp Roster Challenge

Think you're the ultimate Saints fan? Think you know every thing there is to know about the Saints? Think you can name every single player on the 90-man training camp roster in ten minutes or less? Well here's your chance to prove it!

I found this awesome website with a game that puts your roster knowledge to the test. It lists every current player number and position, all you need to do is fill in the blanks with the correct player name. And you've got just 10 minutes to do it.

Take the challenge!

So go ahead and give it a shot. To save time you need only type the player's last name. You can go in any order you wish. Spelling is kind of important so pay attention.

Then post a screenshot of your final score in the comment section below for proof. Share also any method of attack you might have used to play the game.

Let's see who really knows their stuff. Have fun and good luck!