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2012 NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Open Thread

How do you get to the Pro Football of Fame, Willie? Practice, my boy, practice! (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's here, it's here!! Not only is Saints football starting tomorrow (sort of) with the Hall of Fame Game, but the reason for the game itself features one of our very own, Willie Roaf, as a member of the Induction Class of 2012!

If you're watching the Induction Ceremony, come right here to discuss all the goings on and finer points of this momentous occasion.

Are you watching it on ESPN, or NFL Network? Do you have a choice? Which announcers are the most annoying? Who had the best speech? Best-looking family? How hard must it be for them to sit up on that stage in all that glaring sunlight? Who is sweating the most?

There's sure to be that and lots more to talk about here in the thread with your CSC pals, so don't miss it! And be sure to check out the links below for more info to enhance your viewing pleasure...

The Class of 2012

Presenters for the Class of 2012

HOF12: The experience of a lifetime

Pro Football HOF main site