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What Up With Dat?: Short and Sweet Edition


Below are answers to reader questions submitted Friday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

After Hartley struggled early in 2010 the Saints brought back Carney which seemed to help our fat punk kicker get back on track. Do you think Kasay can have the same positive impact to help Hartley become one of the best kickers in the game or will he remain an inconsistent hero? - Malcolm L.

I'm sure that's the hope the Saints have. They want nothing more than for Hartley to be the long-term kicking solution. But there is only so much a veteran like Kasay can do for Hartley. Kicking is just as mental as it is physical; Hartley's got the physical part down. Kasay can offer guidance, veteran leadership and a little competition to keep Hartley on this toes. But I'd say Garrett's future lies mostly in his own head.

Is there any talk about when Morten Anderson will get the call to Canton? Thank you. Come again. - Chuck Ufarley

I've heard quite a few people mention Morten's name. His time has definitely got to be coming soon and I think he most certainly deserves it. He's only the leading scorer in league history.

In you last series, you had your RB predictions for this season. You had Ingram leading the group and carries but finishing last in yards and yards per carry. If your prediction holds true, would you be ready to call Ingram a bust? - Travis D.

It would really depend on the type and quality of carries that Ingram gets. If it's a lot of goal line and late-game clock killing stuff, it might not mean he's a bust.

Will Brees throw for more or less than 5,000 yards this year? - Marcus H.


Will Jimmy Graham Break Jerry Rice record for TDs in a season this year (23)? - Ben D.

I doubt it.

Just listened to more BS fromGod-dell... He is now trying to explain, more or less in his words, that the 18,000 pages were the documents that they reviewed, and not all were related to the "bountyfarce" findings. More and more Roggy seems to be weaseling out of his earlier pronouncements, in this matter. More and more, therational media, sorry had to qualify that, are questioning, both the message, as well as the methodology, of God-ell's handling of this whole mess. I know you as well as most of the rest of us are ready to move on and play football, but do you think history will eventually, leave a dark mark on Rodger's legacy, because of his handling of this whole fiasco? - Chad L.

I think we need to start putting a word limit on questions. Just kidding. Seriously, though, unless some new information comes to light through litigation, like Vilma's lawsuit, or through hard-nosed journalism, I'd say the whole thing is mostly over and Roger's reputation will come out of this relatively intact. Except his reputation with Saints fans.

Does Heir Goodell Have the power to suspend the owner of an NFL team for any length of time? - Bill H.

Goodell can do whatever the hell he damn well pleases, damnit! Don't you know that!? Seriously, though, I don't know whether the CBA gives him the power to suspend an owner. We know he's fined owners (Bud Adams, Tom Benson) in the past. Technically, Goodell works for the them so it's probably not the smartest move for his job security to suspend one of his bosses. Unless he's got the full support of most or all of the other owners.