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2012 Saints Roster Breakdown: Quarterbacks


This year, I have been given the privilege of breaking down the Saints roster position by position. In this series, I will list the players that are currently on the training camp roster and give my opinion on which players will make the final 53. So let's get started...

I begin the "Roster Breakdown" series with what is the most obvious and solidified position on the team, quarterbacks. This position has been relatively the same year after year and probably won't change until Drew Brees' tenure with the black and gold comes to an end. Don't look for them to start adding to the group until at least 2014.

Make the jump to see this years squad and my speculation on the chances of each player to make the final team. Don't forget to voice your own opinions in the comment section below and vote in our poll.

Definite - Drew Brees, Chase Daniel

As I said earlier, these guys will be the only ones to definitely make the team. Brees is obviously the unquestioned starter at this position. Daniel has solidified himself as the back up since he joined the team in '09.

Likely - Sean Canfield

The lefty was drafted by the Saints in the seventh round of the 2010 draft. Since then he has bounced between the practice squad and waivers. The only game time he ever gets with the Saints is in the preseason.

Longshot - Luke McCown

Starting only nine games in his entire nine year career, McCown was brought in to be nothing other than a camp body. Being in the league as long he has, he can't be placed on the practice squad. There is virtually no chance that he makes the team and therefore, he will most likely be cut.