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Fleur-de-Links: August 6, 2012



":What u think of New Nike Collars?" I am no fashionista so I couldnt care less but mixed reviews amongst locker room chatter

if you want to see some true fans, read my TL for the past 5hrs...luv the support!!

We are in Gillette Stadium Practice vs. Tues & Wed. Game Thurs. night at 6:30 pm CT

": so everybody is just now jumping on the train?!"  Get Em!!!

Joint practices w/ are free & open to the public: Tuesday at 1:30pm & Wednesday at 10am

Everyone give my WR a follow. He balled out last night! Hit that follow button !

Can't wait to see back on the field again.. Hard to keep a good man down..

": that's last kickoff...did they make you tone it down so the kickoff team could get practice?" Haha maybe

Excited again about the game this Thursday

Allllllready "rt : Gotta get better today. No case of the Monday's. Hope everyone is having a great day!"

NFL settling w/ Vilma might set bad precedent and invite future litigation. NFL losing case will set even worse precedent.

": Great job yesterday ! ! Your biggest fan was cheering you on! " Awesome!

Literally woke up not knowing where I was, what day it was, or even around what time. Traveling at night getting in at 6AM will do that



Saints Prove Their 'Medal' in Canton Win
On this night, they made Sean Payton proud and 'Did Their Jobs'!

New Orleans Saints cornerback Laron Scott trying to make his mark and the roster
New Orleans Saints cornerback Laron Scott trying to make his mark and the roster.

The Joe Vitt File | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
When the New Orleans Saints begin the preseason in the Hall of Fame game Sunday night in Canton, Ohio, Joe Vitt will begin his second tenur…

Football Is Back…and So Is Drew!
It was a thing of beauty to watch them storm the field again, with their heads held high. There is no doubt they’re about business…perhaps now more than ever.

Kolb has "bruised chest muscle" | ProFootballTalk
It initially looked like a shoulder injury, given the way quarterback Kevin Kolb hit the ground. It officially was reported as a rib contusion. After Sunday night's Hall of Fame game, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said that Kolb has a "bruised chest muscle," via Mike Sando of



Goodell Shows Weakness By Waivering on Bounty Suspensions
Either way, some NFL owners could have some cause for pause about the man they have given autonomy to. Either way, it weakens the disciplinary measures the league takes against future offenders, setting a precedent for consistent, persistent challenges by those ruled against.

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma asks court to inquire about breach of confidentiality - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
"Media reporting of settlement discussions, attributed to "NFL sources," coming the day after the harsh and unfortunate comments from Goodell, some of which are identified above, reflect a long-standing media campaign by Goodell and the NFL in this matter. Vilma respectfully requests the Court to make inquiry regarding the breach of the obligations to retain the confidentiality of settlement discussions."

New Orleans Saints Drew Brees says Roger Goodell "got this one wrong"
New Orleans Saints Drew Brees says Roger Goodell "got this one wrong".

Vilma files supplemental brief based on Goodell’s public comments | ProFootballTalk
Anyone who has ever watched any cop show on TV is aware of the Miranda warnings. "Anything you say can and will be used against you," the officer says after reminding the person under arrest that he/she has the right to remain silent.

NFL says no offer was made to Vilma | ProFootballTalk
Here’s why lawyers make such hypothetical offers. If the league were to officially offer an eight-game suspension, then Vilma could try to negotiate the number down to four. By couching it as a hypothetical, the number stays at eight, period. No further reduction.

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma receives settlement offer from NFL, report says - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
NFL spokesman Greg Aiello denies ESPN Chris Mortensen's report that the league made Vilma an offer

Settlement with Vilma wouldn’t be unprecedented | ProFootballTalk
Just three months ago, the league negotiated a settlement of defensive lineman Ryan McBean’s lawsuit filed in response to a six-game suspension by chopping it in half. McBean, suspended by the NFL for the dreaded "non-human urine sample," had exhausted the appeal process and then filed a lawsuit challenging the fairness of the arbitration process.

Ellis hit on Kolb is prime example of a "knockout" | ProFootballTalk
Sunday night's Saints-Cardinals game provided in the third series from the New Orleans defense a clear example of the kind of play for which players allegedly were being paid in violation of league rules.

Report: Vilma has no settlement offer | ProFootballTalk
It's not surprising that a controversy mired in semantics has spawned settlement talks that quickly have become mired in semantics. In response to an ESPN.



Forecast: Who should coach the Saints while Vitt is suspended? | New Orleans
Ralph Malbrough / Contributing Writer
Is it just me or has preseason become even more boring since the Saints became an elite NFL team? Don’t get me wrong I’m glad football is back so I can ignore the Olympics

Daily Special, August 6, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club

Peter King Questions A City Without Starbucks | Kissing Suzy Kolber
When last we left low-level fart cloud, Peter King, he was passing through 5-11ville and was surprised not to find the Saints there. Speaking of, the Saints brass stopped talking to PK, because they’re awesome. If you blinked, you missed him blinking.



NFL Videos: Saints LB Wilson catches interception
Arizona Cardinals QB Ryan Lindley's pass is intercepted by the New Orleans Saints' Lawrence Wilson, who returns it 46 yards.

Video: Patriots Today - The Pats prepare for the Saints