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Da Chronic Podcast: Who Will Play Corner Edition


Andrew Juge of The Saints Nation stops by to discuss Jonathan Vilma's deal offering and why Jeff Duncan needs to at least be consistent or go fly a @#$^& kite. Andrew hates Duncan with the passion of a thousand suns.

Ralph explains why having to compliment Mike Florio during BountyFest made him feel really dirty. He also wonders who the hell is going to play cornerback against New England. Is Mike McKenzie available?

Is Martez Wilson for real and how much fun is it going to be to make fun of Atlanta because the Saints stole their middle linebacker? Plus, NBC can suck it over their tape-delayed Olympic coverage.

And Lolo Jones is smoking hot.

Listen right now below, get the feed right here and/or download it on iTunes right here.

Warning: explicit language and adult content.