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Saints @ Patriots: HansDat's Hot Reads


Whew, didn't I just do this yesterday? Feels like I did. What is this...some kind of Thursday night game crap?

Oh, it is. Wouldn't you know it, I have a work social event to go to after work today, so who knows how much of the game I'll miss before getting home. And I gotta make sure I check on my Big Talkers Club membership for so I can listen to the game in real time.

First week back, and it's a short week between Games 1 and 2...C'mon, Man!! It's hard to keep up during the work week, but I will power through and give you my all, full-go and up.


Since I missed it last time, I'm going to watch the game (on re-broadcast) while zeroing in specifically on Ben Grubbs and Brian De La Puente on the O-line, to see how they do with PROTECTING BREES.

What I'd Like To See: Brees and all the reserves with plenty of time to throw, as well as some nice inside rushing lanes provided for whichever running backs haven't been riding the elliptical machines instead of practicing.



As I said last time, I'm allowing myself a SECOND CHANCE TO TAKE A SECOND LOOK AT THE SECONDARY. Jabari Greer is still out, and while Patrick Robinson has returned to practice, it was limited, so he might still be on the bench, and Elbert Mack missed practice as well. Whoever suits up better be ready to play and show me what they got.

What I'd Like To See: Same as last time, pretty much - just be in good position, knock down a few balls, and tackle well without giving up big plays.



After his performance on Sunday, I'm trying not to get too hyped up over how much I LOVE LOFTON at linebacker. He had a tackle for a loss, people!!!! Dare we hope the linebacking corps is finally, truly, upgraded? Maybe. David Hawthorne is out, so we could be seeing quite a bit of Chris Chamberlain or Will Herring tonight.

What I'd Like To See: A lot of Lofton making plays, and then solid linebacking play from those who come after and around him.



Know what makes a good safety valve? A GOOD FOURTH RECEIVER. Know what the Saints are looking for? A good fourth receiver to replace the dearly departed Robert Meachem. Two pre-camp favorites have questions marks, as Adrian Arrington is still out, and it's been a while since Nick Toon practiced.

What I'd Like To See: Andy Tanner or Joe Morgan (does Courtney Roby have a shot?) stake a claim to the position with good, mistake-free work tonight.

* * *

OK, folks, that's what I've got for Game Two (of Five) for this extended preseason 2012. What have you got? And what do you think about what I've got?

I'll be tuning into the game late and only able to listen on the internet radio tonight - how will you be enjoying tonight's game?