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Saints vs. Redskins: Winners & Losers

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Martez Wilson

Martez Wilson was the only "winner" of this game for the Saints. On a play that looked all too familiar, Wilson blocked a punt that was recovered in the end zone for a touchdown by Courtney Roby.

The Referees

The zebras controlled this game quite nicely. Both teams got double digit penalties for over 100 yards. Again, what buffoonery.


Marques Colston

As far as receiving, Colston had a decent day. He had 4 receptions for 71 yards. But he had too many drops. He also had a fumble inside the Redskins' 5-yard line that turned into a touchback. After a pretty good offensive drive, this deflated the Saints.

The Defense

Here are some of the stats that the Saints allowed defensively: 464 total yards, 4 touchdowns, and 60% red zone efficiency. The Redskins also had the ball for about two-thirds of the game. Saints defenders were repeatedly beat on routes and were abused by a rookie quarterback. Poor tackling and loose coverage all day.

The Offensive Line

I am going to slam the o-line here for a second because it looked absolutely terrible. Brees basically carried this offense by himself with hardly any help at all from anyone else. The line allowed Brees to get sacked twice, and he was under pressure the entire day. There wasn't any push in the running game either. No wonder the Saints only ran the ball 10 times.

The Running Backs

I don't know if the Saints barely ran the ball because they were always playing from behind, but 10 rushes for 32 yards for an entire game is despicable. Why even keep five running backs if 10 carries are going to be shared between two of them?

The Coaching Staff

What a game for Aaron Kromer and Steve Spagnuolo to open with. When Coach Payton would be screaming his brains out on the sidelines, Kromer was quiet as a mouse. Spagnuolo's almighty defensive scheme didn't work out so well either. This better be their mulligan game for the season.

Devery Henderson, Scott Shanle, and Johnny Patrick

All three of these guys got injured during the game. Hopefully they will recover soon.