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Fleur-de-Links: September 12, 2012



Saints Injury Report: Did Not Practice-McBride (Ankle), Henderson (Concussion), Patrick (Thigh); Limited-Shanle (knee); Full-Greer (Groin)

Two responses to a Loss: 1) de-motivation 2) RE-motivation Time to get back to work!

Happy hump day everybody. Back to work! Getting better is a must.

Good line from Casillas on Cam Newton: "He's a superior athlete. A mutant, almost."

Shorter Drew: "THIS IS EVERYONE'S FAULT BUT MINE!" RT : Brees on off field problems: "...maybe made too much of a deal of."

Clearly. UPS don't play that s***, holmes. RT : Kromer: Joe Morgan will have to do a better job this week.

Brees on ' Jon Beason "He is a stud. One of the best middle linebackers in the league. He has a great presence on the field"

Panic on the streets of Birmingham RT : D is 32nd in NFL, allowing 464 yds. tie 27th turnover differential at minus-3

Panic on the streets of London RT : offense is 31st on 3rd downs (18.2%) through 1 game. Led NFL in 2011 at 56.7%.

Brees "We set the bar high and we have high standards. There is no harsher critic on myself than me"

Time of possession doesn't predict anything. Winning games produces a TOP advantage, not vice versa.

Kromer said LB Jonathan Vilma appears to be running around well, hopes hell be physically ready to practice after 6-week PUP window.

Kromer said the Saints signed WR Greg Camarillo and put WR Adrian Arrington on injured reserve

!!!! RT Rivera said Newton, RGIII are different QBs. Said Newton's size makes them hard to compare.

Roger Goodell says replacement officials did "a very credible job" during opening weekend of games...

Shout out 2 my boy the AFC Defensive Player of the week!

Roman Harper () Interview (VIDEO)

. in words

Check out my official fan page- Who Dat.. Roll Tide Roll!



METAIRIE: WR Henderson recovering from concussion; Camarillo signed | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
The Saints have re-signed receiver Greg Camarillo, while announcing on Wednesday that receiver Adrian Arrington has been placed on injured reserve.

New Orleans Saints injury report: Adrian Arrington on injured reserve, Devery Henderson sits out - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Saints re-sign Camarillo, place Arrington on IR, activate Ruud
The return of Adrian Arrington to the active roster in New Orleans was brief.

Saints sign WR Greg Camarillo, place Adrian Arrington on IR | New Orleans
Meanwhile, cornerback Johnny Patrick (thigh), receiver Devery Henderson (concussion) and defensive end Turk McBride (ankle) didn’t practice.

Linebacker Ernie Sims works out for the New Orleans Saints; insurance for Scott Shanle?
Linebacker Ernie Sims works out for the New Orleans Saints; insurance for Scott Shanle?

Carolina Panthers present a new challenge for New Orleans Saints - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Can they contain Cam Newton?

New Orleans Saints have several issues at hand and Cam Newton is one of them
New Orleans Saints have several issues at hand and Cam Newton is one of them.

New Orleans Saints press conference 09.12.12 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Join the Saints coverage team as they get the latest on the preparations for the Carolina Panthers

Steve Smith on Saints targeting him: "This isn’t powder puff" | ProFootballTalk
According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Smith avoided most of the questions when he was asked by reporters today about the Saints’ bounties. And when he was asked if he felt targeted by the Saints, he said that he feels targeted every week, because in professional football, opposing defenses are always looking for an opportunity to drill the other team’s No. 1 receiver.

Facing RG III helps prepare New Orleans Saints for Carolina’s Cam Newton | New Orleans
When the sun came up on Monday morning and reality set in on Airline Drive that the New Orleans Saints had indeed lost to the Washington Redskins, there was no head-hanging, no looking back and asking what if.

Rookies settle in after early errors for Carolina Panthers |
“I was playing too fast,” Kuechly said. “I wasn’t where I needed to be on a couple of plays. One person breaks down on defense, and the whole defense breaks down.”

Scott Says ...: Cam Newton: We are better than that
“On offense, it’s 11 guys who have to gel to make a play,” Newton said. “Defensively you can kind of get away with it with a single player making a play and making up the difference of another person. But offensively, if one guy slips down or falls down, it’s going to show on the whole offense.”

Inside the Panthers: Bad blood brewing between Panthers and Saints
Panthers' players say they haven't forgotten last season's games against New Orleans. In the first meeting in Charlotte, Saints safety Roman Harper blindsided Steve Smith after a touchdown catch, setting off a fight involving players from both teams.



Players reportedly to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
CBS reporting Tuesday is the day

Bounty case underscores possible need for coaches union | ProFootballTalk
The reality is that the squeeze the league is putting on the officials quickly would be directed to the coaches, if they ever try to become a union. Cornwell knows that the league is aggressive in such business disputes, and he also knows that the league would do everything it legally could to beat back a coaches union. Still, without one, the players will continue to have far greater rights. The coaches will continue to have, in comparison, none.

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jon Vilma expected to be healthy enough to return after PUP list expires - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
"He appears that he is doing well," Kromer said. "He is running around, working drills and doing different things. I don't know if he is football ready, but he appears to be doing well.



Peyton Manning Shaped Corn Maze Carved Out By Colorado Farm (VIDEO)
Manning has finally received the highest honor: being immortalized in a Colorado corn maze.

Rodgers says officials for 49ers-Packers "deserved the scrutiny" | ProFootballTalk
Given the absence of any game-deciding calls or protracted delays or Keystone cop clusterfudges during Week One, the perception is that the replacement officials did an acceptable job. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers doesn't agree with that perception.

Drew Brees has a new pre-game chant that is "No Lie" for the New Orleans Saints
This appears to be a wink at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who says that players like Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and defensive end Will Smith didn’t tell the truth in the subsequent bounty investigation against them and the team.

NFL Power Rankings, Week 2: San Francisco 49ers new No. 1 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
16. (8) New Orleans Saints 0-1 The Saints raised more questions than answers about their defense

New Orleans Saints struggling with YAC - NFC South Blog - ESPN
In the opener against Washington, only 25.4 percent of New Orleans’ passing yards came after the catch. That ranks No. 31 in the league. The Saints averaged only 3.6 yards after the catch per reception.

Court rules against former New Orleans Saint Gene Atkins in disability lawsuit - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Atkins was seeking more generous benefits under the "Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan." The plan, which splits disability benefits into two levels, currently pays him under the "Inactive" level. Atkins wanted benefits under the "Football Degenerative" level, which would award him more money.

Week 2 NFL TV Maps
Everything you need to know about sports on television.

New Orleans Saints helmet, uniform concept design
The black helmet with gold fleur-de-lis is kinda cool



Aaron Kromer’s Interview 9/12/12

Drew Brees' Interview 9/12/12