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Fleur-de-Links: September 14, 2012



Spags on the defense in the Redskins game "We all to a man felt like we let the team down"

Times-Picayune: Sean Payton said New Orleans Saints will handle coming back from loss the 'right way'

Shanle and Greer are questionable for Sunday

Kromer ruled McBride, Henderson and Patrick OUT for Sunday.

Symptomatic of 21st century American culture (hang tight, 1/several) RT : SO MANY THINGS WRONG WITH THIS

. (cont...) LOUD and/or strange is all that matters these days. See "Serious Fun Guy" whose only attribute is oddness...

. (cont...) and/or Will Ferrell, who's supposedly "funny" but really he's just loud. LOUD IS FUNNY!!! WEIRD IS GREAT!!!

. (cont...) Forget quality. To hell with substance. Just stand out, by any means necessary. This IS American Culture now. /rant

Everything said. Except, Will Ferrell IS funny, assh***.

": you need to read Jason Whitlock article on Fox Sports! He smoked RG"post a link of it

RT WR Steve Smith & RB Jonathan Stewart are listed as questionable, but Rivera thinks Smith will play Sunday vs Saints

Balance is over rated just don't get Drew Brees killed and Drew will fix the offense. Free Darren Sproles!

RT Jimmy Graham has caught a TD pass in 6 straight games (including 2 postseason games), longest active streak in the NFL

With suspensions overturned and players meeting with Commish Goodell, Drew Brees told me he still somehow hopes Sean Payton coaches in 2012

The Saints will wear black jerseys and gold pants on Sunday

On that Friday grind...if you ain't getting better ur falling behind!!



Henderson, McBride, Patrick to miss Saints game at Panthers
Wide receiver Devery Henderson (concussion), defensive end Turk McBride (left ankle) and cornerback Johnny Patrick (right thigh) missed all three practices this week and have been declared out for Sunday by Saints interim head coach Aaron Kromer.

Saints list three as out against Panthers, 2 others as questionable | New Orleans
Meanwhile, linebacker Scott Shanle (right leg) and cornerback Jabari Greer (sports hernia) were both full Friday but were still listed as questionable. Greer is the more likely of the two to play. Without him, the Saints would only have three cornerbacks available – Patrick Robinson, Corey White and Jerome Murphy.

Saints CB Jabari Greer excited to get back onto field, ‘get some tackles" | New Orleans
New Orleans Saints cornerback Jabari Greer has sat back and watched football from the sidelines for five weeks.

" The Opponents’ Mailbag: Week 2, Panthers (CSC) The Angry Who Dat

"The Final Score" podcast: Saints | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
If the Saints drop the ball and lose to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday they could be 0-2 with the odds against them for making the playoff…

Mickles: Saints hope for no more overreaction | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
A little more than 12 hours after their season-opening game against the Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints interim coach Aaron Kromer headed to the office for one of those days coaches love to hate.

New Orleans Saints won't play angry on Sunday; Carolina Panthers will
New Orleans Saints won't play angry on Sunday; Carolina Panthers will.

Final Word: NFC South - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
The feud: I think the bad blood between the Panthers and Saints is much worse than people realize.

NFL Week 2 selections from The Times-Picayune/ experts - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Four members of five-person panel have Saints beating Panthers

Panthers beat writer: Carolina likely more motivated by Week 17 beating than bounties | New Orleans
Charlotte Observer Panthers beat reporter Joe Person believes that the 2011 Week 17 whipping will be more motivation for Carolina than the bounty scandal.

Saints Nation: Scouting the Panthers | September

Scott Says ...: My Panthers vs Saints prediction for Sunday (and some thoughts on Drew Brees)
Rivera basically said he wouldn’t try to set NFL records given the same set of circumstances that the Saints had last January, when they tried to set several in a 45-17 rout of Carolina in the season’s last game. But Rivera also said that he didn’t have a problem with the Saints’ philosophy – that defenses are designed to stop people, and if they can’t, it’s their tough luck.

Comparison of Newton, Griffin begins - Panthers -
Some comparisons fit. Some are a stretch. "It's hard to say anybody is Cam Newton-like because Cam is so big, so athletic," New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees said.



Sean Payton said New Orleans Saints will handle coming back from loss the 'right way' - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
"I sat down with a pad and paper and watched the game," Payton said. "Just started eating a bunch of junk food in the fourth quarter when they were losing."

New Orleans Saints receivers didn't separate themselves in Week 1: First-and-10 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
"I think the receivers have to play better. I thought the receivers played really poorly," Dilfer said. "They weren't getting open, they were being grabbed a little bit -- I thought Washington got away with a lot of grabbing in the secondary - but they weren't pulling out of those grabs. They were kind of quitting on routes. (Marques) Colston had the fumble again down in scoring territory, makes that a different game.



Anthony Hargrove says 'I told the truth' to NFL during bounty investigation - ESPN
"I don't think any of the evidence they have against myself or any other players is strong," he said in an interview with ESPN's "Outside The Lines" on Friday. "And so I've taken a stand in the beginning and I continue to have the same stand, as innocent."

Roger Goodell and NFL risking players lives for money with Thursday night football - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Goodell earns more money than Vilma. Goodell could serve as commissioner for another 10 to 15 years. Vilma is staring at the end of his career. But Vilma is the guy who is fighting to avoid having a year’s salary stripped from him so Goodell can continue the charade that he cares about the health and safety of NFL players.



Sam Farmer: Tom House gets calls from quarterbacks -
Brees describes House as "a mentor," and presented him with a Saints game jersey, now framed in the coach's office above Dedeaux Field.

Saints, Falcons feeling cap crunch - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Saints are only slightly better off than the Falcons. They’re $1.72 million under the cap, and only three teams have less room than them. But the Saints’ situation is complicated because Will Smith and Jonathan Vilma's cap figures are counting fully. If their suspensions are reinstated, the Saints would get substantial cap relief.

Forecast: Will the Payton-less Saints be inconsistent all year? | New Orleans
All offseason everyone had a theory on what the Sean Payton loss would mean. Maybe it would be the offense would suffer because he is so brilliant at game day adjustments or perhaps his unique motivational skills would mean the players wouldn’t focus