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Saints 27, Panthers 35: Postgame Links, Quotes, and Videos


Different week, same result - another eight-point loss (this time on the road to the Carolina Panthers) that puts the New Orleans Saints at 0-2 on the season and teetering on the edge of panic. Although the team cut down on the mental errors this time and the offense played a little bit better early on in the game than they did last week, the defense somehow managed to look much worse in giving up less points (28 vs. 40).

The sooner we read all these stories, watch all these videos, scroll through the transcripts and get through the next six days, the sooner we get another chance with a new game to wash the vile taste of this game out of our mouths.

Don't delay, make the jump.

Carolina Panthers Defeat New Orleans Saints, 35-27 |
Game Summary and stats.

Saints Postgame Notes |
Staff report.

NFL Game Center: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers |
Includes official Game Book, video highlights.

GameHQ: New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers |
Includes recap, box score, play-by-play, drive charts, photos, and highlights.

Photo Gallery: Saints 27, Panthers 35 |
Michael DeMocker

Saints at Panthers Photo Gallery |
Michael C. Hebert


From the Saints Sideline

New Orleans Saints are missing Sean Payton, but that's no excuse for the way they've played so far: First take |
Mike Triplett - Saints Strief says it would be 'dangerous, poisonous, worthless' to blame bounty fallout.

New Orleans Saints defense goes from bad to worse in Week 2: Ten observations |
Columnist Mike Triplett offers his observations from the New Orleans Saints' 35-27 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

Saints gain no votes of confidence after poor showing in Carolina |
Bradley Handwerger - Sunday’s loss doesn’t change the big picture for the New Orleans Saints.

For 2nd week in a row, Saints fail to claw back from big deficit in 35-27 loss |
Bradley Handwerger - The path to a home Super Bowl became much tougher Sunday for the New Orleans Saints.

Quick Take: Saints mistakes at Panthers yield 0-2 start |
Ken Trahan - It looked like it was going to be easy.

Saints D Is Bad And Nearly Ugly - WWL | AM870 | FM105.3
Ok let’s make this simple. When you are 0-2, there are not many good things to talk about.

Saints Lose in Carolina 27-35 |
Andrew Juge

Let’s Go, Peyton! (clap clap clapclapclap) | The Angry Who Dat
F*** yes! We won time of possession! And we rushed 27 times! For 163 yards! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Abyssus abyssum invocat | Who Dat Social Club
Himself - The Kromer era continues to look more like the Kramer era.

It's time for the New Orleans Saints to panic |
Pat Y. - To a man -- and that means players and coaches -- the New Orleans Saints say it’s not time to panic. So I’ll go ahead and say: it is time to panic.

Rapid Reaction: Panthers 35, Saints 27 - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - Thoughts on the Carolina Panthers’ 35-27 victory against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday at Bank of America Stadium.

Stats that stand out from the New Orleans Saints' 35-27 loss to Carolina Panthers |
Doug Tatum - Defense can't stop Carolina's Cam Newton.

Game balls from the New Orleans Saints-Carolina Panthers game |
Doug Tatum - Tough to find a defensive player to reward.

Explosive plays one reason New Orleans Saints lost to Carolina Panthers |
Doug Tatum - Defense gave up six plays of 25 yards or more.

Game recap: Carolina Panthers 35, New Orleans Saints 27 |
Nakia Hogan

Game recap: How the New Orleans Saints lost |
Nakia Hogan - Defense allowed 219 yards on the ground.

New Orleans Saints defense struggles in 35-27 loss to Carolina Panthers |
Larry Holder - Saints fall to 0-2 for the first time since 2007, which is the last time New Orleans finished the season with a losing record.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is fine after scare in the fourth quarter |
Nakia Hogan - Early TD pass keeps him in pursuit of Unitas' record.

New Orleans Saints rookie Akiem Hicks solid in NFL debut |
Nakia Hogan - He played about 20 snaps.

New Orleans Saints DE Cam Jordan off to a good start, records second career sack |
Nakia Hogan

Former LSU star Brandon Lafell has big day for Carolina Panthers |
John Delong - He finishes with six catches for 90 yards.

Carolina Panthers applied constant pressure on Drew Brees |
John Delong - Defense had one sack and forced an intentional grounding penalty.

Jonathan Stewart's returns sparks Carolina Panthers running game |
John Delong - It allowed Cam Newton to use read option.

Grading the New Orleans Saints offense vs. Carolina |
Larry Holder - Offense receives two fleur-de-lis out of four.

Grading the New Orleans Saints defense vs. Carolina |
Larry Holder - Defense receives 1/2 fleur-de-lis out of four.

Grading the New Orleans Saints coaching vs. Carolina |
Larry Holder - Coaching receives one fleur-de-lis out of four.

Grading the New Orleans Saints special teams vs. Carolina |
Larry Holder - Special teams receive two fleur-de-lis out of four.

New Orleans Saints don't look like a Super Bowl contender |
Peter Finney - They will struggle to make the playoffs.

Experts weigh in on line judge being pulled from New Orleans Saints game |
Nakia Hogan - Side judge Brian Stropolo was pictured wearing Saints gear.


Panter Droppings

Panthers prevail in home opener |
Max Henson - After a 35-27 victory over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera was proud of the way his team responded to the season-opening loss to Tampa Bay.

Offensive linemen earn their dough |
Bryan Strickland - Last Sunday, the Panthers' offensive line departed the Sunshine State with a collective cloud hanging of over its head, demoralized after an atypical performance in a season-opening loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

LaFell makes wide gains |
Max Henson - During a training camp practice, wide receiver Steve Smith was open down the left sideline, waiving his hand in their air, insisting quarterback Cam Newton throw his way.

Statistics belie defense's performance |
Bryan Strickland - The New Orleans Saints wound up with 486 yards of total offense Sunday. The Panthers defense wasn't counting.

Cam Newton made Panthers look like an NFL playoff team |
Scott Fowler - Now that was the Cam Newton we remember from 2011.

Carolina Panthers right ship, claim bounty: A 35-27 win vs. New Orleans Saints |
Joseph Person - Cam Newton leads balance attack as Carolina rediscovers its ground game in win vs. Saints.

Saints at Panthers: Five plays that mattered |
Joseph Person - Five plays that mattered in Sunday's Saints-Panthers game.

The Panthers won -- and here's why |
Scott Fowler - Panther fans everywhere exhaled Sunday about 4 p.m. and said, "Now that’s more like it."


Postgame Quotes

Offensive Line/Running Game Coach Aaron Kromer

RE: On the Panthers' win - Tough loss on the road to a divisional opponent. Obviously, we're not happy with our results of today -- the final score, the outcome. That's a good football team that didn't win last week but this week you could see the progress that they were making with their quarterback. Cam Newton is an outstanding player who is able to rush the ball and throw the ball. Offensively, you'd say when you look at us, we improved a lot of the areas we were looking to improve. We had 162 yards rushing and we had 300 yards passing, and we only had two penalties. So if you'd say we were 54% on third downs, you'd say this - you'd say we went out there to improve penalties and third downs from last week, we wanted to run the ball more efficiently, and we did that. But when you look at it, you turn the ball over for a touchdown and you lose the game by eight points, that can hurt you. And when you allow big plays on defense, that can hurt you. And that's what happened today. We're going to get it fixed. When you look at this team in the locker room right now, they're hurt, they're down, but they're not out. No one in that locker room is quitting. They're a group that's resilient at a lot of things and they're sticking with it, they're sticking with the plan, and I appreciate it for them.

RE: On the impact of the pick-six in the first quarter

There have been plenty of times when we've had a pick-six that we've been able to overcome. So in no way did we look at that at that time and say, ‘The game is over. We don't have anything because we have a pick-six now.' At the outcome at the end of the day, yeah, that hurt you.

RE: On the Panthers' big plays

They did a good job of doing that. Teams obviously don't want to give up the big play so they play their safeties deeper than you can get, and you check the ball down.

RE: What he's going to take away from the game

Like I said, we were 54% on third down, and last year that would have been tops in the league. And I really think if we can just stay more consistent with keeping drives going with a couple of third downs that I can recall, protection could have been better, and we could have got open faster... It's always that offensive effort. It isn't usually one position one way or the other so we just got to keep working. The guys are going to keep working. They're going to show up tomorrow resilient, and no one's going to panic. Are we going to heat it up and are we going to keep working harder? Yes, we are.

RE: Steve Smith's 66-yard catch

They made a good play there. Cam found an open receiver running down the sidelines, and I'm sure if that happens again, we'll get it fixed.

RE: On 0-2 start

We choose not to use excuses, and that's a choice that we make in the locker room. Everybody has adversity; all teams have adversity. We just need to continue to pay attention to what we need to know about the offense more so we don't have the mistake. What we need to learn on defense so we don't have the mistake. Just keep studying the game and keep studying what we have to do to be successful on a daily basis.

RE: If Drew Brees was trying to do too much

I don't think it was today. No, I don't think it was that today. I think the things we asked him to do was to cut the penalties down, we asked him to convert third downs, and he did both of those things. We didn't get behind the chains offensively as much, which allowed us to convert third downs. And I'm telling you, we're going to stick together. We're going to right the ship, and we're going to win more games than we lose. That's what we're going to do. We're going in to win next week.

RE: On the Saints' defense

If you look at our defense and you look at the two offenses we've played, we've played the most unconventional offenses in the National Football League. You go from RG3 and then to Cam Newton, they're just unconventional. So do we have to do better against those style of offenses? Yeah, we do. One thing we need to get settled in on is on that style. But we've played two good offenses, and we just need to keep working at it and plugging away.

RE: On mistakes

Yeah, we lost some momentum there, but we got it back. We got it back because these guys are resilient, like I said earlier. And we found a way to get the momentum back and get that going in our favor. Obviously, we talk turnovers every day. It's our No. 1 goal - to not turn it over and to get more turnovers. And sometimes turnovers come in bunches. So you look at it and you say, we've got a couple turnovers lately that we're not used to getting, to be honest. And, defensively, we haven't gotten the takeaways. And I'm telling you, as we keep going, these things happen in bunches. As we keep going, our defense is going to start getting them and we're going to have to eliminate the ones we give each game

RE: On getting in the win column

I tell you what - we just need to get back to basics as we're doing. This week you'd say, that the team as a whole got back to basics and got better. We played better this week - although not good enough to win - we played better this week, and we're going to continue to improve in all areas.

#9 Quarterback Drew Brees

RE: First Drive

That was a great way to start the game. Obviously, we feel good about our openers. We went out and executed very well. I think we were three-for-three on third downs. It resulted in a touch down which is a great way to start the game.

RE: 0-2 start

It's difficult. Especially since obviously, expectations are a lot better than that. It's been two hard fought games. Unfortunately, we have gotten down in both of them to the point that I feel like we were trying to claw back in the fourth quarter. Typically when you get a close game at the end, it's back and forth. I felt we were playing catch up these last two games. You look at this game, and you just look statistically, we rushed for 160 yards on 27 carries so a 6.0 yards per carry, which is phenomenal. You look at that stat alone, and say we won the game. Better than 50 percent on third down. Unfortunately I had the turnover early that resulted in a touchdown for them which is a huge play in this game. It can't happen. But then red zone efficiency, and all those 500 yards total offense, if you look at the stats offensively, it should have been a game we won. Unfortunately, as I think back, there are probably six or seven plays that I can think of right now that if it had gone our way, just one or two of them, I think the outcome of this game is completely different. Typically that is what it comes down to is six or seven plays, did you make it or didn't you. Unfortunately, we didn't.

RE: What needs to change

We trust our preparation. We trust our approach. Unfortunately, we have done some things these last two games that have set us back, prevented us from winning. The important thing is recognizing what those things are and having an answer for them. I feel like we have that. Now it's a matter of going out and actually getting a win, catching a break, having one go your way, and get on a win streak. We have done a great job of doing that here in the past. There is always adversity. Unfortunately it has come to us a little bit sooner than we expected with the 0-2 start. There is no doubt in my mind that we have the right type of guys in our locker room and coaches and scheme to overcome this.

RE: His ankle

It's fine. It just got rolled up on, kind of an awkward position but it's going to be fine.

RE: Has anything changed other than technical part to the game

It is all the things that we have talked about up to this point. The do your job mentality. Not trying to do too much. Just play within yourself, play within the scheme. The preparation aspect of it. The way we practice. Everything is the same as it always has been. Now it just is a matter of as the season starts you come as a team. You gel. You find out who you are, early on. Unfortunately for us, it hasn't gone our way. It's going to test us. I'm confident we are going to stay strong and battle through this and we will overcome.

RE: Play calling or execution mistakes

I'd say it was execution. There was a third down that was a batted ball or else it's a completion that continues your drive. The one with the sack that I got rolled up on, I should have gotten to a different play. If I had done that maybe the drive continues or maybe we don't get knocked out of field goal range. That's three points. That could have been three crucial points going down the stretch there. So those are just two examples of the six, seven, eight things that I'm talking about offensively that man, if we can get one or two of those to happen in our favor, changes the outcome of this game.

#43 Running Back Darren Sproles

RE: Carolina's style of defense

"We were fighting. They started off playing man coverage. In the second quarter they played a lot of zone.

RE: Bouncing back from the loss

"We have to go back this week and practice hard."

Re: What did coach say to you after the game?

"We just have to keep fighting and go back to work this week."

#33 Cornerback Jabari Greer

RE: On Carolina's Style of Offense

"I think that they executed well. I think they executed some of the first and second downs that put them in favorable third down field position. They executed some third downs well. They capitalized on some explosive plays. We were prepared for the style of offense they were playing. They did a good job of capitalizing on some explosive plays that moved the momentum in their way."

RE: On Steve Smith play

"It was a miss communication that we had."

RE: Frustrated on Loss

"Of course we are disappointed with our start, disappointed with losing today. We have to continue to be encouraged by the opportunity that we have. This is professional football and it is unforgiving. No one is going to feel sorry for us. We're not going to feel sorry for ourselves. We're not going to be frustrated. Our backs are against the wall and we are going to come out and fight. Not only do our men deserve that but our city deserves that as well. I believe that each and every one of us as professionals need to show ourselves, dig down deep and see what we can pull out. This is not a favorable condition for Saints football. This is a great opportunity for us to bounce back."

#41 Safety Roman Harper

RE: Loss to the Panthers

"It really comes down to turnovers and making big plays. We need to not make turnovers. At the end of the day it needs to come down to explosiveness. Overall we didn't play well enough to win the game, especially on the road."

RE: Bouncing back after two losses

"A lot of teams come back from 0 and 2. We just have to keep playing. We don't want to lose sight of playing the division. We have a long way to go. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead. With uncharted territory comes uncharted success. We just have to ride this out and rectify it."


V-Roll Roll Call

Saints Postgame Press Conference Video Highlights |
Media page includes game highlights.