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5 Questions Chiefs vs. Saints

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I spent some time with Arrowhead Pride's writer, Joel Thorman, talking Chiefs vs. Saints where he answered 5 questions I asked about the game. A big thanks to Joel for spending time with us here at CSC.

Can Matt Cassel keep pace with Drew Brees in order to keep the Chiefs in the game Sunday? Nope. If the Chiefs win it will not be because they control the game on the ground and keep the Saints offense off the field -- not because Matt Cassel is throwing for 300-plus yards. In fact, if Cassel has 300 passing yards, it's a pretty good bet the Chiefs just lost. Like a successful Saints game is throwing for lots of yards, a successful Chiefs game is running for a lot of yards.


Will the Saints defense be able to handle the Chiefs weapons? Who should be most feared? I don't think they'll be able to consistently stop the Chiefs because the Saints defense, like the Chiefs defense, has been pretty poor this season. This game is more about who's offense will blow up more than who's defense will stop the other (if that makes any sense). They should fear Jamaal Charles the most because he's the type of guy who can make you pay for a mistake like that (snaps finger). He's fast. He doesn't go down on the first hit. He's the man.


The Chiefs have a remarkable record vs. NFC opponents they have won 8 of past 10. Will they leave the big easy 9 of 11, or 8 of 11? I rarely pick against the Chiefs but this week I actually took the Saints. It's one of like three times all season that I'll pick against the Chiefs. I want KC to win badly but realistically the Saints are likely taking this one back home a W.


For his career, RB Jamaal Charles averages 7 yards per rush vs. NFC (121 attempts, 847 yards). The Saints run defense hasn't been stellar. Does he go north of 100 yds in the game? Depends on a lot of things but I'll say yes. I say it depends because -- Charles is coming off ACL surgery -- he only had six carries last week with a sore knee. So if he gets, let's say, 15 carries then yeah I think he's going over 100 yards. The key to this game for KC is being in a position where you can still run the ball. You don't want to get down 21-0 and be forced to only pass the ball.


Give me your predictions. Score and what will make the biggest difference. I took the Saints, 35-24. I think KC will keep it close into the second half via their run game and a solid defense. Romeo Crennel came up with a game plan to beat then-undefeated Packers last year. He's a smart defensive coordinator and I think he puts together a package that frustrates Drew Brees in the second half before the Saints eventually break out. Jimmy Graham could have a big day and it'll be fun seeing him matched up with Eric Berry (if that ever happens).