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Roger and Me

My letter to Roger Goodell about this total screwage of the NFL fan.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Dear Roger,

In case you haven't noticed, The Saints are struggling a little this season. A lot of people will put the blame squarely on you, but I'm a fair-minded guy. I treat puppies and my horrible ex-wife with the same respect. I know Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis and Gregg Williams need to shoulder their share of the responsiblity for the mess us Saints fans find our team in, so I'm okay with the suspensions.

As far as the players go, I really thought you over-stepped your bounds, but then I remembered how you sincerely hugged each and every first round draft pick last April. Watching you show your bro love to these young men, I assumed you were a decent and true friend to people like me, who spend a lot of money every year buying your product.

The goodwill you fostered with all of those man-hugs got used up last night at the end of the Packers vs.Seahawks game. In short, you're providing me -- the loyal, lifelong NFL fan -- a product that truly sucks. Sure, I understand player safety and game integrity are no where near as important as showing the world you are teaching the refs to never dare question your omnipotent authority again. I also know you arrogantly assume most of the people who watch the NFL will buy your product in spite of the crap you serve us.

You know what happens when you assume, right?

I also get that you're in charge of a league that would prosper without you and that makes you insecure. You're killing the Golden Goose. Life will go on without a decent football game on Sunday, and if you keep driving the game into the ground so you can stroke your own ego, life will go on for us out here a helluva lot quicker than you smugly think.

In fact, for me, it starts Sunday (well, Thursday actually, because in the interest of watering down the product you've forced Thursday night games on us, too). Supply me a product with integrity and I'll come back. Until then, you should show the fans the same love you showed those draft picks. Unless you were faking it.

Give us a hug, tell us you're sorry and get the refs back to work.

Your Friend,


P.S. - Gary Bettman just called. He wanted to let you know you should hang tough. Destroying the integrity of the NHL has worked out just fine for him and his league.