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Saints Season Predictions Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


We've reached that quiet time of year between the end of preseason and the beginning of the regular season when the real battles for league supremacy will finally take place. It's the calm before the storm when every professional NFL writer, having nothing else to report, makes his/her bold predictions for how the season will unfold and who will ultimately hoist the Lombardi Trophy in New Orleans. These gridiron crystal ball look-ins are later rarely ever referenced again as the writers of each start to realize by midseason just how wrong their predictions were. Our dear friend MtnExile (aka. Himself) sums it up best:

Here’s the truth: it’s all bulls***, as I’m sure you realize. Nobody knows how the season will play out—nobody knows who will get hurt, who will surprise with his greatness or his suckiness, which team will collapse, which will suddenly rise up (to coin a phrase), which will prove itself incapable of sustaining all the bold talk of the preseason. Every year, the major media reminds us that every year five or six of last year’s playoff teams fail to make the postseason; and every year, they pick the same teams as last year to make the playoffs.

Now that I've made a mockery of NFL season predictions, let's make our own. We can look at who made the playoffs last year and who bolstered their team through free agency and the draft just as well as the major media writers. So, make the jump to see my own prediction guess and make your own. Feel free to boldly go where no NFL predictor has gone before. No matter what you predict, you'll probably hit closer to the mark than Peter King. His prediction track record is abysmal.

First off, I'll start with my beloved Saints. Yes, I'm a homer and that"s why I'm predicting a 14-2 record. I think they will use the unwarranted castigation of their organization and the forced exile of Sean Payton by Sauron the Deceiver (aka. Roger Goodell) to rally together like no other team has ever rallied before. They face a harder road than other teams and will no doubt face other obstacles no one could have predicted, but they will persevere if for no other reason than to see Goodell's face in the Superdome as he hands them the Lombardi.

I also have a serious man-crush on Steve Spagnuolo. His defense has already shown signs of improvement over Gregg Williams' squad and scheme from last year and I think they will continue to get better. We already know Drew Brees and the offense are going to light up the scoreboards. That's the easiest prediction for the season that anyone could make. They looked very good against the Texans' defensive starters a couple weeks ago and that was without Darren Sproles. Once he returns and all of the weapons are in place, how does anyone stop them?

Here's my division winner predictions guesses:

  • NFC South: Saints
  • NFC North: Bears (everyone is predicting the Packers; I just want to be different)
  • NFC East: Giants
  • NFC West: 49ers
  • AFC South: Texans
  • AFC North: Steelers
  • AFC East: Patriots
  • AFC West: Broncos

I won't bore you with predictions for each round of the playoffs. I'll only offer a New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots Super Bowl prediction guess. The Saints, having gotten that close to forcing Goodell to hand them the Lombardi while in their own house, will of course win and win big. Sorry, Tom. I know you're one of the greatest QBs ever, but you'll have to endure yet another Super Bowl loss.

Now that I've made an ass out of myself, what are your predictions for the season? Am I way off? Please tell us what your crystal ball says and feel free to be as detailed and thorough as you want. Let this be the official Canal Street Chronicles prediction thread for the 2012 season. There will be weekly game predictions throughout the season, so save your Redskins vs. Saints predictions for later in the week.

We won't hold your predictions against you once the season ends. Or, will we....