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Canal Street Chronicles Labor Day Open Thread

Happy Labor Day, everybody!!!

I just returned from my trip to visit my folks on the beach in Perdido, FL for the holiday weekend, and today's my Mom's birthday, so


It's also her sister's birthday, so

Happy Birthday, Aunt Ann!!!!

* * *

Given that many of us are off work today, let's use this area as an open thread to discuss what we're doing, grilling, drinking, and thinking about today.

Wednesday night is the first game of the season, but the real first game I'm most excited about kicks off in the Dome on Sunday at 1:00 EDT. (BTW, my Dad called Washington's rookie QB R2D2 - bwahahahahahahaha!!! Good one, Dad. I have a feeling RGIII will need a soak in the oil bath of Luke Skywalker's uncle's workshop on Tatooine after getting punk'd by the new-look Saints defense)

In the spirit of today's holiday, I have embedded below a new song by 5-STAR and T-BONE, called Do Your Job, that is sure to pump you up. (Big ups to my man, Clayton, or cajuncommando58 to the rest of you, for being the first to share this here on CSC in a Fanshot just about an hour ago.)

Before you click on play, either turn it up to 11, or just turn it all the way up and then TEAR OFF THE KNOB!!!!! I hope to see lots of you in the comment section, too.