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Saints vs. Packers: Preston's Preview

Rodgers or Roger, it doesn't make much difference. The Saints will exact their revenge on Sunday.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Last week the Packers vs. Seahawks contest was decided by an errant call as time expired. Many feel Green Bay was robbed of a win - that the call was egregious - causing immediate media and public uproar. Due to the 70,000 voice mails left at NFL headquarters overnight, the NFL and NFLRA finally came together on an eight year collective bargaining agreement in time for the Thursday night game that followed.

Other than Seahawk fans, everyone believes Green Bay was truly robbed of the victory. I disagree.

Green Bay scored a touchdown as a result of a bogus pass interference call on Cam Chancellor. Green Bay also scored a field goal on another drive that would have otherwise ended in a punt, thanks to the equally spurious hands to the face penalty incurred against Brandon Browner. That's 10 points Green Bay should have never scored. The last play isn't the only play.

Does this sound familiar? In every game the Saints played this year, one score was the difference. In every game, the replacement officials screwed the Saints for 7 points. The first was a phantom pass interference call giving the Redskins first and goal when they'd otherwise punt. That penalty resulted in 7 points for Washington. Almost the same circumstance occurred in week 2 against the Panthers, with the same result. Last week, Pierre Thomas and Drew Brees were robbed of an obvious touchdown because the officials obviously didn't understand the rules. Three consecutive weeks the Saints were given -7, and three consecutive weeks-despite playing poorly-they lost by one score. I'd say Saints fans (and players) have more injury as a result of the faux officials than does Green Bay.

When you add that to the isolation of Sean Payton thanks to Roger Goodell, the Saints players should have plenty to be angry about. I no longer expect my Saints to make the play-offs. I only wish that they unleash all of their anger on Sunday against Green Bay. In spite of their offense, Chicago's defense kept their contest against the Packers close because they kept punching Green Bay in the mouth, all the while mixing in body blows. If the Saints want to get off the snide, that's what they need to do.

The coaching staff and front office have done everything they can to keep "Goodell's Oppression" from becoming an excuse. It's time for a change in tactics. It should have always been the rally call. It should have been the number one motivational tactic. The finger should have been pointed at Goodell and the NFL (31 other owners stood silent) from the word go. This team needs to be unified in anger and seeking vengeance. Forget that "good character" hog wash. I want some deviant dysfunctional bad mother's mouthing off expletives to the camera and focusing the team's attention and crosshairs on Roger Goodell and whichever team lines up in front of them.

Fight fire with fire. Stop worrying about trying to not lose and take a tumultuous offseason's worth of pent up anger and frustration out on the guy in front of you. Dominate him. Forget the scheme, just whip his ass up and down the field. I don't care what the score is. I want to see anger, fury, and passion. When you don't care if you win or lose, when you stop trying to win 13 consecutive games or 10 of the remaining games to (hopefully) make the post-season, you lift that 800lb monkey off of your backs and just focus on winning your battle and nothing else. Let's face it, you're not going to the play-offs, so give up the hope, give in to anger and play ball. When you do that, you become a dangerous team nobody wants to play. That's when miracles occur.

Who would have thought a dysfunctional San Francisco team could do what they did last year? Who would have thought the Cardinals would be 3-0 at this moment, after playing New England and Philadelphia? They stopped caring about perceptions and what was or wasn't expected and started beating the guy across the LOS. Not long ago, no team had ever lost the last three regular season games and won the Super Bowl. If you just beat the tar out of the person playing opposite of you, you may also become the first team to start 0-3 and win the Super Bowl.

Green Bay is going down Sunday. The Saints will rush for more yardage. They'll utilize plays that slow down the Packer pass rush. They'll get a few illegal contact calls because they'll play the Packer pass targets rough, throwing off the timing Rodgers enjoys. Both teams will be 1-3 by game's end, and the Drew Brees for MVP campaign will officially be underway. Saints 37, Packers 34.