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Saints Injury Update: Are the 'Walking Wounded' Ready to Roll?

Will Curtis Lofton be able to suit up and play on Sunday? Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE
Will Curtis Lofton be able to suit up and play on Sunday? Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

As you may recall, the New Orleans Saints suffered a number of injuries on the defensive side of the ball in the preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, which added to the list of training camp injuries already on the books.

Even though there was no official injury report released by the team (the Saints aren't required to do this until Wednesday), following Monday's practice (part of which was open to the media), I came across some local outlets that posted stories dealing with some of these injuries, reporting that most of the injured players have returned to practice.

After the jump, I'll share with you what I gleaned from them...

Middle linebacker Curtis Lofton, who was felled by an ankle sprain in the Jacksonville game says he's going to play against the Washington Redskins on Sunday, according to

"I’m playing," Lofton said. "I’ll be out there. Today was an extra day so I just another day of rest for us. But as of Wednesday, I’m ready to go."

A self-prognosis was also provided in this story by linebacker David Hawthorne, who tore a knee meniscus against the Jaguars:

Hawthorne hopes to be back and ready to go Sunday.

"I hope so, I hope so," Hawthorne said. "The trainers are really monitoring it and see if it's ready. If it is, I'm going for sure. It it's not, (I'm) going to sit down."

Though the coaching staff wasn't required to issue an injury report Monday, Hawthorne said he went through practice.

Adrian Arrington, who was hurt in the Hall of Fame Game, gave an update as well:

Arrington has missed every practice since the Aug. 5 Hall of Fame game with a torn meniscus in his right knee.

"I'm healthy. I practiced," Arrington said. "I did everything today. It's only been a little over three weeks. I'm not 100 percent, but I'm definitely good enough to be able to play."

In Nakia Hogan's 'Saints injuries' piece on, he pretty much had the same quotes as the piece, but included information about Jabari Greer, who had the infamous and popular sports hernia surgery early in training camp:

Jabari Greer, the team's top cornerback, was able to finally get some practice reps in. He missed nearly all of training camp after suffering a groin injury during practice on July 31 that required sports hernia surgery.

"It has been a long preseason, just seeing my brothers going out there and playing and not being able to contribute physically," Greer said. "So I am excited about getting out there and playing.

"I was telling some of these young guys I never strapped up with a guy like (rookie cornerback) Corey (White) or Jerico (Nelson, a rookie safety) or some of the new guys that came in. To them I'm just a pretty face. They don't know I can play ball yet. They've never seen me play before. So I'm excited to go out there and hold and to earn my keep."

Hogan also noted that rookie WR Nick Toon will probably have surgery, according to Interim Head Coach Aaron Kromer:

Kromer did say rookie receiver Nick Toon, who was drafted in the fourth round but played in just one preseason game because of a foot injury, likely will need surgery. The Saints placed Toon on injured reserve.

* * *

So there's your unofficial injury update from your unofficial Saints injury news source aggregator.

How do you feel about the Saints injury situation?