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Saints Player Bounty Suspensions Overturned On Appeal

In what can only be described as timely news, two days before the Saints face the Washington Redskins, a three-member appeals panel has overturned the player suspensions in the bounty case. The panel did say that Roger Goodell could reconsider discipline only if there was evidence of intent to injure beyond just the performance pool.

According to Mike Triplett, this does not necessarily end the potential for discipline. Rather, the panel decided that a different arbitrator should decide punishments. In terms of league action, the decision is final and binding and would require a lawsuit by the league against the arbitration.

It is worth noting that this has no bearing on the coach/front office suspensions as they do not fall under the union framework that protects the players in their dealings with owners and the league.

Oh, and it is safe to say that Jonathan Vilma is a little bit excited about this news.