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Fleur-de-Links: September 7, 2012



The dome better go crazy when they see and !!! Happy for them and our team!!!

I think the panel might have just killed and/or affected Roger's head. Perhaps Judge Berrigan will go for that outside ACL.

We encourage fans to get to the early Sunday. Let’s rock the Dome for the NFC South banner drop (11:52 am) & the Who Dat Chant!

Important to note in bounty ruling, panel did not address merits of NFL probe, only how Goodell handled discipline.

U.S. District Juge Helen Berrigan doesn't have to rule on injunction now. This ruling provides players with relief as case goes forward

Goes to show u what power does to a person who abuses it CONGRAT GUYS PAYTON AND GREG WILLIAMS SHOULD BE UPLIFTED NEXT!!

Some of 's greatest hits: 5/4/12 "Nothing has refuted the League's findings"

Roger Goodell won't re-rule on the formerly suspended players before Sunday's games, via NFL spokesman Greg Aiello.

So Will Smith has played something like 75% of his career under the threat of suspension pending litigation.

Appeals Panel vacated suspensions and directed Commissioner to make "an expeditious re-determination" of discipline fo…

I'll be shocked if that doesn't happen. RT : "Vilma and Smith should lead off the "WHODAT"chant Sunday.

Ok ... Back to my preparation ... We still have a game to play and win. We have the motivation and the knowhow to be great!!!

If the Saints players can play now can't we assume it would only be fair for coaches and GM to come back as well? No cause here.

If Goodell re-suspends w/o concrete pay-to-injure evidence, players can go to Judge Berrigan, who already agreed w/irreparable harm argument

Wrote this weeks ago. RT Appeals panel gives opportunity 4 settlement. Both NFL, players would be wise to meet in middle & move on

'sLaw ": Remember-- this case is still pending before Judge Berrigan."

Seriously how could we, as Saints fans, possibly have gotten more excited for this game? It just happened.

I'll be surprised if the Saints don't introduce the defense before the Redskins game & include Vilma, even though he won't play.

The Saints really need to go ahead and name Roger an honorary captain. And then send him a Super Bowl ring next spring.

Safe to assume Vilma is headed for PUP because of knee. Will Smith should now start against Redskins, that means Saints need to cut 1 player

Great news about my teammates and having their suspensions uplifted...glad to have ya'll back!!

Roger Goodell likely to reach a new decision in coming weeks, but it will mot be before this weekend's games.

Goodell is being asked to in essence remove any part of his ruling based on the cap/financial rule breaking from the intent to injure...

Interesting spot for NFL. RG can simply maintain same penalties by saying discipline was solely for agreement-to-injure scheme.

Or RG can reduce suspension based on new evidence that has come to light. Or hold another hearing.

Not a total win for the players.Panel disagreed w/ NFLPA, finding a conduct detrimental to the game aspect that falls under commish's power

Panel, which was unanimous, wrote that to extent any part of the suspensions ascribed to pay for performance, any suspension...

...should be adjusted accordingly. But that again seems to leave up to commissioner to decide. he cld say pay 4 performance was not a....

...factor is length of suspensions and reinstate them. then I assume its back to court at that point

Roger Goodell is the Matt Ryan of commissioners.



Saints WR Marques Colston, four others questionable for Sunday’s opener | New Orleans
The New Orleans Saints have listed receivesr Marques Colston and four other players as questionable for Sunday’s season opener against the Washington Redskins.

New Orleans Saints list five players as questionable vs. Redskins on Sunday - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Wide receiver Marques Colston (foot), linebacker Curtis Lofton (ankle), linebacker David Hawthorne (knee), cornerback Jabari Greer (groin) and wide receiver Adrian Arrington (knee) were all deemed questionable against the Redskins.

Redskins beat writer: 'Saints skill players could make afternoon a long one' | New Orleans
The New Orleans Saints open the 2012 season at home against the Washington Redskins and a reporter who covers them said the Skins could have a hard time matching up with Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles and Marques Colston.

Preview: New Orleans Saints vs Washington Redskins

Saints Nation: Q&A with Redskins Hog Heaven | September

12th Man? How about 76,000 strong... Saints do their best work in The Dome | Black and Gold blog | The Sun Herald
"It’s your home opener. We take a lot of pride in the way we play at home." Saints QB Drew Brees



Appeals panel overturns bounty suspensions | ProFootballTalk
As to Judge Berrigan, she may still issue a ruling adopting and enforcing the outcome of the internal appeal, giving federal credibility to the decision of the panel.

Appeals Panel Vacates Suspensions of Saints in Bounty Scandal -
The decision was a victory, for now, for the four players, but it did not affect the punishments given to coaches or the team’s general manager.

Bounty suspensions will now go back to the Commissioner | ProFootballTalk
Though the NFL eventually may win the war, losing this battle will have an enormous P.R. impact. People will view the Commissioner’s authority as being less than what it may be, and internally the blame will fall on the lawyers who failed to properly draw the lines when drawing up the penalties.

Roger Goodell Is Not As All-Powerful As He Thinks He Is
This marks the first time in memory that someone, somewhere has told the NFL commissioner that he can't do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it. Hopefully this is the start of a trend.

Scott Fujita returns to Browns’ active roster | ProFootballTalk
Friday's ruling by an appeals panel overturning the suspensions of the four players suspended as part of the Saints bounty probe means many things, but, most immediately, it means the four players are eligible to play this weekend.

Will Smith expected to play, Jonathan Vilma expected to sit Sunday | ProFootballTalk
The three-judge panel's ruling that halts the suspensions of the four players disciplined for the Saints bounty program doesn't mean all four of them will be on the field on Sunday.

Vilma brings leadership back to Saints' D - NFC South Blog - ESPN
...after hearing Friday’s news that an appeals panel has overturned the suspensions, I've changed my mind. I think having Vilma and Smith back is a huge victory for the Saints and will be significant on the field.

Today’s ruling means nothing to Payton, Vitt, Loomis, Williams | ProFootballTalk
For non-players, every dispute on every issue goes back to the league office for resolution. So while the CBA has given the players new life (for now), the non-players continue to be suspended, with no hope for any change in their status.

Suspended New Orleans Saints LB Jonathan Vilma canceled Aug. 23 meeting with Roger Goodell - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Latest court filing reveals Jonathan Vilma was set to talk with Roger Goodell at NFL offices, but format of meeting pushed Vilma's counsel to cancel

Suspensions of New Orleans Saints Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith two others vacated by appeals panel - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Panel sends the case back to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Vilma, Hargrove, Smith, Fujita suspensions overturned on appeal -
"I'm excited," quarterback Drew Brees told and NFL Network reporter Aditi Kinkhabwala. "I've been focused on the game, but I hoped that that would be the case. No, I'm not surprised. I wouldn't call me surprised. Obviously they saw the information that we've seen for a long time."

Saints' player suspensions lifted - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The New Orleans Saints have scored their first victory in a long, long time. After going through arguably one of the harshest offseasons any pro spo

Players say no conflict with union in bounty case | New Orleans
Three players fighting suspensions from the NFL's bounty investigation have told a federal judge they are comfortable with their representation by union lawyers and see no potential conflict of interest in the arrangement.



Daily Special, September 7, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club

Bomb threat for Lions-Saints game results in probation, home confinement | ProFootballTalk
A fan named Shawn Payton (seriously) phoned in a bomb threat -- twice -- to the Superdome during the Saints' postseason win over the Lions during the 2011 playoffs. In June, he pleaded guilty to a charge of transmitting threats to injure in interstate commerce. On Thursday, Payton was sentenced.



Roman Harper's Interview 9/7/12