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NFL Playoff Schedule: Sunday Bloody Funday

An amazing game and a half of Divisional Saturday is behind us, so I'm calling for a Divisional Funday to close out the weekend. Check below for HansDat's picks.

Our season may have sucked, but at least this happened.
Our season may have sucked, but at least this happened.
Chris Graythen

Half the spots in the 2013 NFL conference championship games have now been decided, with the other half in the offing today as the Seattle Seahawks take on the Atlanta Falcons early, followed by the Texans @ Patriots in the late game.

Once again, today's CSC coverage includes this preview/picks post, then an 11:00 Fleur-de-Links, and your individual game threads right before each game's kickoff. Don't miss a moment of it!!

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We open today's action with a pair of dirty birds going at it in the A-T-L. With the residual hatred many Saints fans may feel for these teams, it's too bad they both can't lose today, so you'll just have to choose your poison.

The 13-3 Atlanta Falcons have not won a playoff game under Mike Smith (0-4), and this is the second time they have earned the top seed and homefield advantage in the last three seasons. They have reinvigorated both their offense and defense under new coordinators this season, and if I'm not mistaken, Coach Smith has had a career-low number of red-faced hissyfits on the sideline this year.

Seattle has been on a roll lately, and come into this game having snuffed out the Super Bowl dreams of the hobbled RGIII and the Redskins faithful 24-14 last week as they won their sixth in a row. They have a strong defense, featuring some trash-talking and hard-hitting brosephs. On the other side of the ball, they have a potent rushing attack with a candy-fueled running back who grabs his crotch and a rookie playmaker QB who usurped the reign of Matt Flynn before it could even get started.

The stat I'm choosing to focus on in making my pick is this won-loss breakdown: the Falcons are 7-1 at home, and the Seahawks are only 4-5 on the road. Plus, I just feel it in my bones that the Falcons are due to get off the playoff schneid this year. Matt Ryan will have decent game, and Atlanta wipes the smug off Pete Carroll's face today. Falcons 30, Seahawks 13.

Falcons-Seahawks Preview

Field Gulls

The Falcoholic

Over in the AFC, with the Patriots and the Texans performing in the third playoff rematch of a regular season game this weekend, there will be a whole lot of red white and blue colliding (have you SEEN these two teams' color schemes?), leaving only one black and blue and sadly flying home until mini-camps start.

I don't know much or care much about either of these two teams, but I know one team beat the snot out of the other one about a month ago, and they'll do it again today. Patriots 27, Texans 10.

Patriots-Texans Preview

Pats Pulpit

Battle Red Blog

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Enjoy the games today and let us know what you think of my picks and your picks in the comment section!