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Fleur-de-Links: January 15, 2013

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Today is Drew Brees' and his son Baylen's birthday.

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It's official: Chargers called press conference to announce hiring of Mike McCoy.

It's been real but it's tues

So goodbye to the hair ✌

I'm so INSPIRED right now, just found out the winner of SUPER BOWL tickets is a 10 year old boy who donated his hair in honor of 'Grandma'

So you mad now relax bruh! We're gonna get your social networking up soon lol

Tony Gonzalez is an Atlanta Falcon worth rooting for

LOCAL LEGITIMATE MEDIA: If all you have are nice things to say about the Falcons, don't say anything at all

Screw Lance Armstrong, whatever happened to the thing with Roger boning hookers and whatnot?

Airport announcement with to explain improvements and readiness for SB XLVII

Including playoffs, the Falcons have allowed 8.9 yards per rush to quarterbacks this season, worst in the NFL.

I just read this thing in the advertiser about the Saints rooting for the Falcons against the 49ers in pickup basketball.

It even contained: "The Saints are the Falcons. The Falcons are the Saints," and a thing about how great it was last time ATL got to the SB.

It was pretty weird and awful, and here's a link thanks to but don't read it because you'll stab yourself

Getting tweets from Denver people who think McCoy threw a playoff game so he could interview for jobs. Seriously.

No one is an authority on the meaning of life. Take what you have & give it ur own meaning that is useful & productive. -SG

This new Orleans weather has been tuuurrrrible!!

Q&A with Drew Brees

Happy birthday to my guy & his son Bay-Bay!

Happy bday to my favorite Qb and his awesome son Baylen! Have a great day fellas

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. We celebrated Baylen’s birthday at the New Orleans Zoo on Sunday. Now for some time at Audubon Park



Drew Brees understands why New Orleans Saints fans want no part of a Falcons' Super Bowl |
Drew Brees also says the return of Sean Payton will drive him to return to work early from the offseason

Drew Brees and Verizon Host "Race to the Super Bowl" Event For Fans
Winning team won tickets to Super Bowl XLVII

Will Brees retain title as most powerful athlete in America? | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
Saints quarterback Drew Brees spent Monday playing local host during one of several public appearances he will make leading up to Super Bowl XLVII at the Superdome.

Re-Signing Jermon Bushrod Saints Top Priority This Offseason?

Saints Nation's Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season: #8 - Patrick Robinson Pushed Mike Williams Out of Bounds to Win Game

Russell Paternostro, former New Orleans Saints strength coach, touched lives across health and fitness |
He died Dec. 28 at age 71


NFL Coaching Carousel

Mike McCoy tells Broncos he’s leaving to coach the Chargers | ProFootballTalk
Although the Chargers haven't officially named Mike McCoy their new head coach, McCoy has already told the Broncos he's leaving. McCoy informed the Broncos this morning that he is leaving his job as their offensive coordinator to become the new head coach in San Diego, ESPN's Adam Schefter report...