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Aaron Kromer Leaves Saints: Podcast

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Chris Graythen

Kevin Held and Dave Cariello join Ralph to discuss Aaron Kromer going to the Bears. Was he a good coach and how do the Saints replace him? Dave completely dominates this discussion like Rowdy Roddy Piper of the WWF.

The boys then explain that if America can ask the White House to build a Death Star, then Saints fans can petition the President to issue an executive order making Roger Goodell give back their 2013 2nd round draft pick. It's the most important thing Barack Obama might ever do. EVER.

The guys discuss Manti Te'o and his imaginary girlfriend.

Is Drew Brees a dork?

How much is 2013 being ruined because Sean Payton is not back yet.

Yeah, they shamelessly plug the petition one last time. It's a really crazy, stupid idea but it's the offseason so just sign it. What the else you gonna do?

Finally Ralph explains why Atlanta beating Seattle was as disappointing as any 2012 Saints loss.

And Kevin makes a Super Bowl pick.

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Warning: explicit language and adult content.