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Fleur-de-Links: January 17, 2013

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: OC Pete Carmichael turns down interview with Jaguars, intends to stay with Saints.

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Kristian: No way Pete Carmichael is leaving the Saints

Wackiness of Te'o story defined by Randy Moss, casually at locker, dubbing it "craziest thing I've heard in a while." THAT says something!

We in NOLA know what a disaster can cause... but what happens when spotlight fades? Help us Help Haiti

"Pete, you've been coaching Brees for 6 years - how about switching over to Blaine F***ing Gabbert? How does that sound?"

Big day for today! Proud to be part of this journey. Endless thanks to

"This vision will affect the whole world - someday everyone will navigate the web w their eyes. You saw it here first" - Steve Gleason

Report: Carmichael will turn down interviews, intends to stay with Saints

Steve is now giving his first public speech using his synthetic voice and eye technology

"We will find a cure for ALS. Right now technology is our solution in the mean time." -

"contributing our time and talents to something bigger is what it's all about" - conference

"Partnership is essential. We are better when we work together" - announces donation of 350k to new Team Gleason House in NOLA

"The only cure is the hope that technology can give back some of what ALS has taken away" - exec quoting Steve

I just saw a real N.O. sewage and water board bill for one month at a local restaurant costing $229,407.34. Oh. My. God.

In a desperate last minute gambit, Oprah reveals that Lance Armstrong admitted to having made up Sheryl Crow.

Not saying they could have beat Alabama, but the reason ND did not play competitively in the Nat'l Championship IS because of this situation

Dan Patrick on Te'o: "This thing is so big, the Mothership actually had to credit Deadspin instead of 'sources'!" Heh.

let me know when y'all boys want to go bow fishing

Te'o's name just looks ridiculous in the possessive


Who dat talkin' 'bout dem Saints

New Orleans Super Bowl does not need public enemies Goodell and the Falcons
The disdain for Goodell and the Falcons is palpable, with perhaps RGI holding a slight advantage because of his self-righteous stand and the heavy-handed position he took against the Saints' organization, its coaches and players with regards to the bounty scandal and the season-long fallout from that fiasco.

New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael expected to turn down interview requests from Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles |
Pete Carmichael already interviewed for the Bears head coaching vacancy this offseason

Re-Signing Offensive Lineman Is Key For The New Orleans Saints
The New Orleans Saints need to re-sign their starting left tackle. Find out if the team has the money to pull it off.

It's Time For The New Orleans Saints And Devery Henderson To Part Ways
After Devery Henderson's poor showing this past season it is time for the New Orleans Saints to let him go.

Will Jimmy Graham Get His Contract Extension Any Time Soon?

Jimmy Graham is incredibly underpaid and many are wondering when he will get his contract extension. Find out if and when it could happen.

Report: Jaguars interested in Pete Carmichael | ProFootballTalk

The Jaguars hired Gus Bradley as their head coach, bucking this year's trend by hiring someone with a defensive background to lead their team. Going that route leaves them with a pretty big job to fill at offensive coordinator.

Another Pro Bowl trip for New Orleans Saints tackle Jermon Bushrod depends on NFC championship game | NOLA.comJermon Bushrod would replace 49ers tackle Joe Staley in the Pro Bowl if San Francisco moves on to Super Bowl XLVII

Happy Trails Kromer! | Black and Gold blog | The Sun Herald
Aaron Kromer , the Saints' former offensive line coach/running game coordinator, may be the only person with the organization last season to benefit from the bounty scandal.

Kromer leaves Saints to become Bears OC | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
When he returns to work, likely the day after Super Bowl XLVII, suspended New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton will have to start by fillin…

Saints Nation's Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season: #7 - Lance Moore's Catch Against the Panthers

Landrieu to anti-Goodell fans: "Be on your best behavior." | Blog of New Orleans
"It doesn't serve any purpose. There's got to be a wall between what happened in the past and what goes on in the regular season and the Super Bowl. It's just not becoming and it doesn't make any sense. I would ask them to treat every citizen that comes in from whatever team, doesn't matter whether it's the commissioner, to treat them with dignity and respect. Roger Goodell, for whatever people think of him from the Saints' events, has been a great friend to New Orleans, and it's a fact that he's one of the people instrumental to making sure the Saints stayed here. He was also the first person responsible for us getting the Super Bowl and wants to get more here. It doesn't help to cut off our nose to spite our face. I'm just asking, mind your P's and Q's and be respectful to him and every other fan. ... This is a clarion call from me to everybody. For this week, it is all about the city shining and we don't want to mess that up by being disrespectful to him and any other teams. We want to be on our best behavior to keep doing this."

Drew Brees, Steve Carell to guest on Craig Ferguson's Super Bowl special |
Also Neil Patrick Harris and Julie Chen.


Real life dead girl or figment of someone's imagination?

Here's Everything The Media Screwed Up In Reporting The Story Of Manti Te'o's Fake Dead Girlfriend
In our investigation of Manti Te'o and his nonexistent dead girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, published yesterday, we mentioned the media's role this fall in amplifying the hoax. Here are all the ways they got the story wrong:

Gil Brandt: Manti Te'o's NFL Draft stock could plummet - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
NFL draft consultant Gil Brandt believes the uncertainty surrounding Manti Teo could affect when he is selected in April by an NFL team. Gil Brandt: Manti Teos NFL Draft stock could plummet

Former Arizona Cardinals player Reagan Maui'a says he met Manti Te'o's girlfriend - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Former Arizona Cardinals fullback Reagan Mauia (MAO-ee-uh) says he met the girlfriend of Notre Dames Manti Teo, a woman the university and Te `o now say doesnt exist. Former Arizona Cardinals player Reagan Mauia says he met Manti Teos girlfriend

Report: Te’o had planned to go public on Monday | ProFootballTalk
In the end, Deadspin beat Manti Te'o to the punch by only five days. According to Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports, Te'o had planned to disclose the hoax that he claims was perpetrated on him next Monday, January 21. If so, it would have been a bad time to do it.

Report: Te’o "loved the attention," and teammates were suspicious | ProFootballTalk
With each passing hour that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o remains silent regarding the hoax he claims via a written statement was perpetrated on him, the initial impressions formed by members of the public harden.

Love, Actually Not: The Ridiculousness of Manti’s Mess
The movie Love Actually is a fictional story about fictional couples that makes everyone feel all weepy-eyed and warm inside at the power of true love. Turns out, the love life of Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te’o was also a fictional story about a fictional couple that made everyone feel all weepy-eyed and warm inside at the power of true love. Except now, that "warm feeling" is the pee dripping down your leg from laughing way too hard at the absurdity of this entire ordeal.


NFL Coaching Carousel

Chargers hire Ken Whisenhunt as offensive coordinator | ProFootballTalk
Two and a half weeks after he was fired as head coach of the Cardinals, Ken Whisenhunt has found a new job. Whisenhunt is the new offensive coordinator of the Chargers, ESPN's Adam Schefter first reported and PFT has confirmed.

Browns hire Norv, five other coaches | ProFootballTalk
As expected, the Browns have hired as their offensive coordinator a guy who on three prior occasions has done well enough as an offensive coordinator to get hired as a head coach. Norv Turner, fired last month by the Chargers, becomes the new offensive coordinator in Cleveland.

Jeffrey Lurie: Jon Gruden made it clear he won’t coach this year | ProFootballTalk
There was talk this offseason that Jon Gruden could be lured to return to coaching with the Eagles. But Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie says that talk didn't come from Gruden himself.



Everything Supposedly Bad For The NFL Is Good For The NFL
Drew Magary's Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo runs every Thursday during the NFL season.

NFLPA again says players would accept MLB-style HGH testing | ProFootballTalk

Last Friday, the NFL and NFLPA demonstrated via a quick back-and-forth that they finally have reached an agreement regarding HGH testing. Sort of. In short, each side believes that if the other acted more like its baseball counterparts, the NFL would have HGH testing.

Teammate says Tony Gonzalez now "97 percent" on retirement | ProFootballTalk
Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez won a playoff game for the first time in his career last week, an experience that left him quite emotional after Matt Bryant's winning field goal went through the uprights. According to tight end Michael Palmer, it didn't make him any less likely to retire.

Superdome Commission approves bond refinancing proposal |
Group also passes resolution honoring Dave Dixon