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Saints Swag: What's the Craziest Thing You've Seen?

Sports fans go to great lengths to show their fanaticism. HansDat wonders what's the craziest Saints swag-thing you've ever seen?

The Ringheads!! I forgot all about these fans.
The Ringheads!! I forgot all about these fans.
Chris Graythen

Some Saints fans sport officially licensed jerseys, t-shirts, caps or other accessories (earrings, bracelets, scarves, keychains) to support their favorite team.

Others go a bit further and personalize these items, trick out their cars and or homes with Who Dat Swag, paint their faces, get special tattoos or haircuts, or even create elaborate costumes to wear to Saints games. Some folks of this ilk have been dubbed SUPER FANS, and get covered by the

Wild...I LOVE IT! Let your Saints freak flag fly, however you choose. Wear it loud and proud, my brothers and sisters.

Recently, I came into possession of this picture from a Saints fan who had his/her dentist customize a crown to reflect a mouthful of Saints pride:


Seeing this made me think about what might be the wildest Saints Swag-related thing anyone's ever seen or done themselves?

For me, it comes down to two things I've done: wear an oversized, inflatable Saints helmet and jersey while sitting in the living room of my college fraternity house watching the Saints-Eagles wild card game in the 1993 playoffs, and then dressing up as a wolf-man Saints Fan on a Halloween trip to New Orleans and the Superdome for the Saints-Browns game in 1999.

I look back at that and say, "Meh. Those aren't so crazy. I bet my friends on CSC have seen or done much better than that."

So bring it, people.

Paint us a picture with your words, or paste/link to an image or gif of the craziest Saints swag, costume, bodily alteration or whatever, that you have seen, heard of, or done yourself. It'll be big Saints fun!!